Xiaowa Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Review: A Cleaning Assistant at The Best Price


We have already mentioned, in recent news, that the newest member of the Xiaomi appliance family was recently introduced. This follows the line of the robotic cleaning mates that have been a sales success for the company. The first generation of the vacuum cleaner, the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum, was manufactured by Beijing Stone Century Science Technology. Then, at the end of last summer, the first independent Xiaomi brand arrived and the first product was the Roborock S50. This is the second member of the small automata family, but the first self-developed intelligent vacuum for the Chinese manufacturer. Now we get what would be the Xiaowa Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner , its second independent device, but it is the third device of this type for Xiaomi.

The most outstanding feature that has been mentioned about this new cleaning assistant is that it has almost all the characteristics of smart high-end vacuum cleaners but at a very affordable price compared to others on the market, even more than their predecessors. Therefore, this wonderful Xiaowa Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is expected to provide the opportunity to experience a cleaner home at a fraction of the normal cost. Next, we will share a Review so that you know it more in detail.


Externally, it resembles the rest of the Xiaomi robotic vacuum cleaners. However, the first thing that can be differentiated is that the LDS tower is missing. Yes, as you imagine, there is no laser scanning on this device. Of the rest, there are no excessive modifications in terms of design. As usual, it comes with an unpolished white round body combined with a black stripe. This brings inside all the necessary sensors and cleaning brushes that we already know for an optimal cleaning.

In the back, there are two areas that have ventilation holes. Meanwhile, the speaker is on the left and the exit opening is on the right. The symmetry was cleverly resolved.

At the top, there are three buttons for recharging, turning the device on and off and switching between cleaning modes.

At the front, we are presented with a load sensor that automatically takes the cleaner to the charger when the remaining power is below 30%. There is also the detection system to avoid obstacles. This sensor allows the cleaner to determine the impediments and reduce the speed to protect itself and the “victim” in time.

The bottom of the vacuum brings the well known 4dB sensor, the side brush, the roller, the two side wheels and the main brush. The latter uses a common V-shaped design that reduces the risk of winding, cleans quickly and requires little maintenance. In addition, the bristles and rubber sheets are very soft so they do not scratch the floor.

Under the cover, there is a dust box with a capacity of 640ml. This is transparent so that it can be seen with the naked eye to what extent it has been filled.

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The power and capacity of the Xiaowa Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner are sufficient for daily cleaning of small and medium-sized homes. The 1600Pa suction system and its 3D cleaning system are able to amaze due to its cleaning performance. Also, whether it’s pet food or dust in the corners, the Xiaowa robot vacuum cleaner will not have a problem with dirt from your floors. The six modules (the universal wheel, the brush, the side brush, the 2 wheels, the battery and the housing) can be disassembled independently from each other, making it more efficient to maintain.

It has a carbon brushless motor with a maximum suction cleaner of 1600Pa, as mentioned above. This guarantees a toilet quickly and efficiently, with the ability to drain dust and even the floor of the carpet. In the aerodynamic design, the conduit has a wider inlet opening so the air flows with higher pressure. This greatly increased the entrance, while the more intricate inner three-part chamber reduced the work noise.

Almost all the vacuum cleaner floats on a minimum surface contact with the ground. Thus, the high-speed suction motor creates a strong vacuum during its operation. The 3D design manages to absorb dirt efficiently, by combining the front and side bumpers; You can even do it with hair and crumbs from the corners or the edges closest to the walls.

The design of the sealed dust box is FIP, so its prolonged use will not spill its contents. By having an E11 grade filter, dirt is filtered while blowing clean air, thus eliminating secondary contamination. When the filter is not in place it is not possible to start cleaning, this prevents you from forgetting to install it so as not to cause damage to the fan.

This robot comes with an adaptive stochastic collision algorithm that grants multiple intelligent features. In general, it contains 10 sensors that are able to map and completely track the environment of your home. Identify objects of more than 2cm, which allows indicating the general form of the obstacle to knowing how to face them. You can clean it along the walls and even the legs of the tables. Through the application we can also help you by specifying the size of the room or expanding any other information, in this way determines the time needed for cleaning. Finally, after finishing the cleaning, you have the ability to return by yourself to the loading dock.

Modes and Functions

The combinable cleaning mode automatically switches from one toilet operation to another. With the 10 detectors ready to use, prepare a complete plan to measure the position of the obstacles. The most common resolution methods used to determine cleanliness are the following:

  • Toilet along the walls: automatically crosses the barriers, effectively curving the line of the wall.
  • Cleaning tables and vertical surfaces: you can clean the columns, the legs of the tables and chairs, absorbing dirt or crumbs.
  • Round trip cleaning: by random movement, it scans the space and moves across the entire surface.
  • Clean in all possible places: trained to cover a lot of space for efficient cleaning, allowing the user to enter the outgoing route.

Specific modes

  • Local cleaning
    mode The local cleaning mode focuses on a small area. Briefly press the local cleaning button and the program will start automatically. It is enough to thoroughly clean a 1.2m area in circular motion.
  • Slow impact mode
    To protect furniture. 6 infrared sensors (in photosensitive blocks) scan the environment 50 times per second. If you feel an obstacle in the body, slow down the movement to move more delicately around the environment.
  • Deceleration mode
    Real-time infrared scanning helps you reduce speed by having to overcome an obstacle, allowing you to pass over fabrics or thick-woven carpets. Also, cleaning under the bed will not be a problem.

  • Keeping to the profile of the walls
    The infrared detector keeps the vacuum cleaner away from the walls, but the side brush completely removes dust from the edges of the walls.

  • Carpet cleaning mode
    When the robot determines that the surface is a carpet, turn on the vacuum switches to the maximum to get rid of even the deepest soils of the fabric. When finished, it automatically returns to “normal” mode.

Security functions

  • Virtual Wall Authentication
    The vacuum cleaner identifies a virtual wall with the electronic address sensor or a combination of one or more virtual walls that determine a prohibited area per se. In this way, we can provide protected areas in rooms or incomplete spaces.
  • Troubleshooting mode
    When the vacuum cleaner detects a jam or an inconvenience, try to return to a secure repository to avoid harming yourself.
  • Anti-fall mode
    The vacuum stability sensor protects it from an accidental fall down the stairs, for example.
  • Anti-blocking mode (3-step winding protection)
    If a cable or a longer material (hair, wire, thread) is wound on the mechanical components, electronically the motor or side brush starts to operate in the opposite direction. In doing so, try to get rid of the object causing the obstruction.

Use and Application

As we said, there are three buttons on the top of the cleaner that are used to interact with the robot. But this is a Xiaomi product, which simply means that it is part of the intelligent artifacts of Mi Home. Therefore, it can be controlled by the application.

Once you download and install the application, you can connect to the cleaner. Afterward, you can see not only the main operations that can be implemented in it but also the cleaning time, cleaning power and energy consumption. Choose any mode between silent, standard, powerful and MAX, as the case may be. Just know that when it works in MAX mode (1600Pa), the noise is noticeable.

The application also allows users to view the cleaning records, the positioning of the cleaner and other useful information. Actually, there are 9 types of cleaning modes that include: local cleaning, deceleration in a collision, through the curtains, along with the wall, anti-roll, detours, carpet pressurization, anti-fall, virtual wall, etc. On this occasion, the first mode was put to the test. When it is turned on, a circular sweeping area of 1.2m will be automatically delineated in the center of the robot, which is suitable for lifting the sweeping machine at any time to clean it in a specific area.

Specifically, a baby room was cleaned with an area of 20 square meters in 27 minutes. Actually, there are some drawbacks in your cleaning path, as some areas were cleaned several times. However, the general toilet coverage is too high.

In terms of sensor performance, the Xiaowa Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner was able to identify obstacles most of the time. The only thing it cannot identify is glass because the light emitted by the infrared LED filters directly through the transparency without any reflection. Then the cleaner could not understand if there are vases.

Battery and Charge

There is a built-in 2600mAh lithium-ion battery inside the cleaner. This is of high quality and energy. Being so durable, it provides enough energy to clean small and large rooms. The constant power supply mechanism and the design ensures a long life and stability of the battery. It has an automatic countdown function that, after cleaning, optimizes the battery for better performance.

If the vacuum cleaner ends or the battery level is less than 30%, charging starts automatically. We do not have to worry about turning it off, the unit returns alone to the loading dock and does so. When the charge is completed, the vacuum cleaner is placed in standby mode. The 360-degree coupling station equipped with the detector is capable of releasing an “Impact Stop Sign” so that the robot does not deviate or engage in a bad position.

In comparison with other models offered in the market, it has a sufficient capacity. When the test was started, the remaining power was 84%. After 20 minutes of continuous operation, a control was made and it had only reached 68%. Therefore, it consumes 16% in 20 minutes. A quick calculation shows that it can last 2 hours on a single charge. As for the recharge, in the end, the remaining power was 26%. It was fully charged in 120 minutes.


Nowadays, people can practically remotely control a system of smart appliances. This also happens with the cleaning robots. According to a China Smart Home report published in April 2017, this market increased by 884% compared to 2015. Due to this, when the first-generation Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum vacuum was launched, many hallucinated with their capabilities, staying as one of the best selling models. The successor Roborock S50 arrived with better features and continues the success of the product line. However, unlike its predecessors, the Xiaowa Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is the most cost-effective smart cleaner. Here are the biggest differences between them:

Model Xiaomi Xiaowa Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Roborock S50
Dimensions (cm)  35.3 x 35 x 9.05 34.5 x 34.5 x 9.6  35.3 x 35 x 9.65
Weight  3kg 3.8kg  3.8kg
Power  50W  55W 58W
Suction power  1600Pa 1800Pa 2000Pa
Dust box  640ml 420ml 480ml
Battery capacity  2600 mAh / 14.4 V 5200 mAh / 14.4 V  5200 mAh / 14.4 V
Use time  2 hours  2.5 hours 2.5 hours
 Sensors IR (Infrared)  LDS (laser)  LDS (laser)
 Additional Adaptive algorithm Mop mode

As for the Xiaowa Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, its performance is more than acceptable. It comes with a suction of 1600Pa, which is enough to clean a very dusty room. In addition, thanks to its relatively small size, it is able to reach every corner. The point of sale of this cleaner is the special adaptive algorithm that can respond flexibly to a variety of domestic environments. In short, it works quite well based on the data provided by the 10 sensors.

We can buy Xiaowa Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner International version at $169.99 with code GQZMOCWL  , only limited for 50PCS.

Update on Nov.15, 2018

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11/15/2018 [International Version]Xiaomi Roborock Xiaowa Plus E35 Robot Vacuum Cleaner VBTIBJMH $289.99 50

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