XiaoYi Smart Camera Gimbal Version, O10 Officially Released at 259 yuan, $40


Recently, XiaoYi launched the third generation of outdoor intelligent camera — Xiao Yi intelligent camera gimbal version O10, has been sold on Jingdong, the original price of 339 yuan, a limited time to get the price of 259 yuan, $40 first.

As the third generation of Xiao Yi outdoor intelligent camera, the design of the industrial ball product is specially selected, and supports the horizontal rotation of 360 degrees and the vertical rotation of 134 degrees, so as to have a 360-degree panoramic vision ability without dead Angle.

O10 can record 1080P video, F/1.4 large aperture, large amount of light. In terms of night vision ability, it has also achieved comprehensive surpassing and upgrading.

Compared with the H30 and H31 of the previous two generations, the O10 has intelligent, full-color night vision, which automatically defaults to black and white night vision when the light is low and the ambient light is normal. When the picture changes are detected, the O10 will automatically turn on four supplementary lights and display a color picture.

If a human shape is detected, the alarm message will be pushed to the user’s mobile phone immediately and the target will be locked automatically. It is equipped with a new generation of AI humanoid detection algorithms that can effectively reduce false alarms caused by shaking plants, flying insects, small animals walking or changes in light.

Considering the complex outdoor use scene, the camera has the rainstorm-level waterproof and dustproof ability that only industrial ball machines can have, and the extremely bad weather such as wind, frost, rain and snow is no longer a problem.

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In terms of other functions, O10 also supports two-way voice intercom, multi-person picture sharing, two storage methods and other practical functions.


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