XIDU PhilBeam S1 – Your Exclusive Large Screen Resolution Projector


XIDU team is excited to announce the new member of their PhilBeam Family, PhilBeam S1, a high-lumen home theater inspired to elevate your mega screen experience. PhilBeam S1 is equipped with all the top-notch features, such as a Native 1080p lens, electronic 4D keystone adjustment; WIFI 2.4g/5G, Bluetooth in/out, and immersive sound quality and all the necessary ports. XIDU is an innovative brand used famous for its remarkable 2in1 laptop product line, and they turned to the home projector field last year.

So, our projects inherit some valuable genes from the XIDU laptop, such as the heat dispatching design. We all know that most customer complaints about the home projector are the burning dark spot. To solve this issue permanently; our professional engineering team has conducted thousands of tests and finally optimized an advanced cooling system to guarantee the. So, never worry about the overheating problem anymore. XIDU got your back.

XIDU PhilBeam S1

Nowadays, many people are taking visual presentation into account. The weakness of the traditional home projector system is that usually; they don’t offer a mature sound system, so people will have to connect an extra Bluetooth device or bear the low sound quality. PhilBeam S1 solves this with its dual built-in speaker. Moreover, PhilBeam S1 is packed with a set of a tweeter and a woofer. Thanks to its independent acoustic design of the speakers; the PhilBeam S1 creates a tremendous sense of space for your home theater.

For more information about the XIDU PhilBeam S1, please follow their Official XIDU Facebook page and Official XIDU Store, more details will be disclosed soon. There will be extra suprise for our top 100 customer, stay tuned!


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