XIDU PhilBook Max Ultrabook 2 in 1 Touch with QWERTY Keyboard in €379.98 @Amazon Sale (coupon deal)


On the off chance that you are searching for a moderate journal with great equipment, XIDU is the new player on the PC showcase, however, it has just discharged many intriguing PCs and tablets. For instance, XIDU PhilBook Max Ultrabook is a 14.1-inch PC with a multi-contact screen and a flexible structure. Truly, you can pivot the screen 360 degrees and utilize the PC as a tablet.

XIDU PhilBook Max Ultrabook

The lightweight (3 lbs and 0.65″ thick) aluminum compound body makes PhilBook Max sturdy and versatile as well as lovely for an immortal look that will never become unpopular. XIDU PhilBook Max makes a convenient plan, amazing execution, and reasonable highlights become conceivable on this 14-inch model. It has an extraordinarily thin 0.6-inch profile and highlights the ultra-tight showcase bezel that empowers it to fit a 14-inch show into a suspension of a normal 13-inch PC.

XIDU PhilBook Max Ultrabook

It’s controlled by an Intel x7-E3950 Quad-center Processor, with 8GB RAM and 128GB SSD stockpiling for the presentation required for day by day performing multiple tasks and amusement. Use XIDU PhilBook Max as a smart PC, a convenient tablet, or anything in the middle. Windows 10 Home OS pre-introduced with no bloatware giving you the best riding experience. With 8GB RAM working force and 128GB SSD stockpiling ability, you will have adequate capacity to cover your regular uses, for example, watching recordings and perusing the Web. Furthermore, have the delight of growing the capacity by utilizing the introduced SSD space and miniaturized scale SD card peruser.

XIDU PhilBook Max UltrabookXIDU PhilBook Max Ultrabook

The XIDU PhilBook Max Ultrabook is introduced with an illuminated console in an appropriate key separation. The white LED embedded in the console will illuminate the catches for more clear night vision. Also, It gives exact softness to keep away from light releasing, reflecting, or even sight obstruction. It is very helpful for those clients who regularly manage exchanges around evening time. The new PC from XIDU has a 5000mAh worked in the battery. The maker guarantees 4-6 hours of battery life. We imagine that it is decent battery life for a 14-inch PC.


By and large, XIDU PhilBook Max Ultrabook looks and feels far superior to numerous different PCs in this value class. you can easily buy this from Amazon at €379.98. Get the coupon price:50€. ( 7days flash sale). So, what are you waiting for?

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