XIDU PhilBook Y13 VS Tour Pro Comparison Review (GET $30 OFF WITH CODE LAPTOP30)


XIDU PhilBook Y13. It is recognized by the alluring value, the Intel Core i5 processor inside and the body-screen proportion of 85%. It is both slight and light, and we have more insights regarding this gadget beneath. Also, The XIDU Tour Pro Touchscreen Laptop has an enormous extent of unbelievable features that make it a legendary PC. Its best fragment is a one-contact control button which makes it easy to turn this PC on. Customer character it fought through Windows Hello, and you’ll have vivacious admittance to your PC in as despairing as five seconds. Here is a gander at the other unimaginable features that this workstation has.

XIDU PhilBook Y13


XIDU PhilBook Y13 a convertible scratch pad with an exquisite and conservative plan, which is described by a 13.3 “Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixel) contact show that can be collapsed up to 360 ° and with a screen-to-body proportion of 85% gratitude to The console – a full-size illuminated with customizable white light – additionally follows similar stylish directs and is all-around advanced to consume all the accessible space (in width) and guarantee open to composing.

Moreover, on account of these measures, the components of the casing stay little (307 x 209 x 12 mm) and the weight stops at 1.36Kg, to permit you to convey the PC anyplace without trouble. Also, these are amazing qualities, considering that the Apple MacBook Air estimates 307 x 212 x 16 mm and has about a similar weight. The frame is likewise developed of magnesium combination and CNC machined aluminum.

XIDU PhilBook Y13

XIDU Tour Pro introduction unit has an astounding 12.5″ full-touchscreen that is the multi-contact braces. This suggests customers can tremendous joint exertion with the screen. With a 4.9mm super restricted periphery, the Pro 12.5 lets customers lower themselves into their visual substance. This 80% screen to body degree gives customers a nearby by important experience.

XIDU PhilBook Y13


It took XIDU engineers around a half year to give the segments of the gadget an ideal concordance; and make it equipped for returning great execution without bargain. XIDU PhilBook Y13, truth be told, is outfitted with a fifth-age Intel Core i5-5257U double center processor (Broadwell), with a base recurrence of 2.7GHz and Turbo Boost at 3.7 GHz, joined by Intel Iris 6100 GPU, 8GB of memory LPDDR3 RAM and 128GB SSD. To permit clients to appreciate more extra room, you can utilize the M.2 SSD opening at the lower part of the body and extend the memory up to 1TB.

XIDU PhilBook Y13

XIDU Tour Pro 12.5 goes with the eighth Generation Intel Celeron chip. Up until this point, this is Intel’s most remarkable 14nm processor. Visit Pro Touchscreen Laptop ensures that customers enlisting experience is outlined by obviously stunning site pages, practical taking a gander at, and can even stream 2K Ultra HD accounts.

This new XIDU Tour Pro Touchscreen Laptop additionally gives a 8GB RAM, 128 GB ROM, and up to 520GB external new development. What extent of fun can this actually get? This concludes customers can present a couple of tries without influencing its presentation. Unquestionably, this is a way better than any customary PC. Did I notification this? This PC is also equipping with cooling fans which help execution. With this, your PC doesn’t overheat and can work for more without picking speed.


Because of the Windows 10 working framework, you would then be able to introduce all the products you require to work; any place you are. Given the decreased thickness, as an afterthought, there are just the fundamental interfaces; USB 3.0 Type-A, USB Type-C, microSD peruser, sound jack, and DC contribution for power gracefully. At last, there is no lack of webcam, double speakers and double band WiFi network (2.4GHz/5GHz), and Bluetooth 4.2. The battery endures at any rate of 8 hours and can along these lines better cover all your everyday needs. 4 types of this convertible are scratchpad/tablet (360 °)/show/tent mode. The white illuminated console likewise makes a smooth environment for your night.

The XIDU Tour Pro Touchscreen Laptop brings the LPDDR4 standard that has on different occasions a more unmistakable information move limit than the past age. In like manner, The more observable 8GB RAM incites snappier system boot-up and more grounded playing out various undertakings limit.


Is it accurate to say that you are likewise thinking about the acquisition of a gadget with which to work; contemplate or invest your free energy yet you would prefer not to spend a fortune? Haven’t picked between tablet or PC yet? XIDU PhilBook Y13 is the thing that we could characterize as a convertible, because of the chance of thoroughly turning the presentation and console and following up on the enormous touch show. Also, The XIDU Tour Pro is A shocking touchscreen! Visit Pro Touchscreen Laptop drives you to contact the charming scene with a stupefying IPS touchscreen. 2K objections show wisely refresh the camouflaging age to the most dazzling effect. Powerfully shocking, continually surprising. Both are the best. You can easily buy Both of these from XiduStore. Also, Get HAPPY LAPTOP FRIDAY, GET $30 OFF WITH CODE LAPTOP30


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