XIDU Tour Pro 12.5 laptop Comes with 2K IPS Screen & 8th Gen CPU + 8GB RAM Goes for $382.49(Coupon)


XIDU is a young brand making it big-time in the technology sector. After the release of the Philbook Max and the Yoga Philbook laptops, the Chinese laptop manufacturer has yet again released the spectacular Tour Pro 12.5 laptop. This new laptop is a game-changer and one of its own kind. One of the most amazing things about the XiDU Tour Pro 12.5 is that it has been installed with some of the coolest features which give users a memorable experience. Let’s indulge and see what this attractive laptop has to offer.

The Tour Pro 12.5 has a stylish metal covering with an aura of strength and durability. With a thickness of 16.6mm and 2.2 lb weight, this new laptop comes out as the perfect travel, work, or school companion. Its ergonomic backlit keyboard also enhances its usability since users can easily type even in the dark. The stylish, slim and elegant look would just make you want to use it, anywhere and everywhere. With such features, this laptop comes out as the emblem of style, elegance, and convenience.

The Tour Pro takes great pride in narrowing the screen border to achieve the maximum vision. The 4.9mm ultra-narrow border and 80% large screen ratio provide users a totally immersive visual experience on any angle.

Versatile Screen

XIDU brand also seems to have invested a lot in the visual display. The display unit has a unique 12.5” full-touchscreen that is multi-touch supported. This means that users can unlimited interaction with the screen. With a 4.9mm ultra-narrow border, the Pro 12.5 lets users immerse themselves into their visual content. This 80% screen to body ratio gives users a near-life experience. For movie lovers, this kind of screen makes you feel as if you are living the act like the movie is live since the border is not a distraction. What makes this even more interesting is that this experience is boosted through the 2K IPS screen which is about 1.7 times better than full HD. This cannot get any better. With the 180 degrees’ convertibility, you can also use your laptop at any angle.

What’s the best breakthrough for a classic 12.5’’ laptop? A stunning touchscreen! XIDU Tour Pro leads you to touch the magic world with a breathtaking IPS touchscreen. 2K resolution display intelligently optimizes color reproduction to the most amazing effect. More colorful, more wonderful.

Powerful Performance

The XIDU Tour Pro 12.5 comes with the 8th Generation Intel Celeron chip. So far, this is Intel’s most advanced 14nm processor. It ensures that users computing experience is characterized by visually stunning webpages, fast browsing and can even stream 2K Ultra HD videos. This new laptop is also equipped with an 8GB RAM, 128 GB ROM and up to 520GB external extension. How much fun can this ever get? This means that users can install several programs without affecting its performance. For real, this is way better than any average laptop. Did I mention this? This laptop is also equipped with cooling fans which maximize performance. With this, your laptop does not overheat and can work for longer without compromising on speed.

The Tour Pro brings LPDDR4 standard that has 2 times larger bandwidth than the previous generation. The bigger 8GB RAM means faster system boot-up and stronger multitasking capability. Feel easy to play in various office software and heavy games. For anyone looking forward to buying a laptop, the XIDU Tour Pro 12.5 sounds like the ideal product. You can find the XIDU Tour Pro laptop on Amazon for $382.49 using the coupon code: BVBG8CHW. 


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