Xioami Fengmi M055DCN Review – Smart Lite DLP 3D Projector For Just $499.99 at Gearbest (+Coupon)


The Fengmi M055DCN Smart Lite 3D DLP Projector is from Xiaomi Ecosystem. The Fengmi M055DCN Smart Lite Projector has the ability to make widescreen portraits while maintaining sharpness and clarity intact. It can give you the screen with a size of 40-200 inches and a projection ratio of 1.2: 1. The 4K video technology will illustrate it 4 times better than the 1080 pixels. We just found a new Fengmi projector on Gearbest: Fengmi M055DCN Smart Lite 3D DLP Projector, it can be purchased now for only $499.99 with Coupon Code: W2C29EYUEQ

Buy Xioami Fengmi M055DCN Smart Lite DLP 3D Projector at $499.99


Its fuselage measures 155x125x160mm and are only the size of an office speaker. CNC mesh on all sides, in addition to beauty, but also has the role of heat dissipation channels, speaker channels, of course, can also reduce the weight of the machine, after all, the projector to do so small, is to allow him to have more robust mobility. It uses an all-in-one metal mesh shell, a tribute to this year’s most expensive mainframe, the Mac Pro. The color matching of the projector looks like a matte black with a metallic texture, and the lens is designed just where the metal mesh collides with the matte surface, which is beautiful and profound. Next to the lens is a laser sensor, which automatically focuses the projector when it is turned on and after each shift of position.


In terms of system configuration, it uses the Amlogic T968-H processor, which is currently used in a number of Xiaomi models as well as $1000-level laser projections. The processor supports 4K 60fps H.265 hard decoding and HDR. With 2GB of projected memory and 16GB of fuselage storage, users can install many applications. This product also supports AI Bluetooth voice remote control, using the same MIUI TV as Xiaomi TV, which is very rich in resources and applications. It can also control the MIjia smart home through the projector, which is more convenient to operate.

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Although it is a small mobile projector, it is not shrinking in terms of hardware and system configuration. The hardware configuration adopts 1080P full HD resolution, 16000mAh battery, 0.33 DMD display technology, LED light source, 1.2: 1 projection ratio, 550ANSI lumen brightness, support for lens autofocus, trapezoidal correction (left and right ± 45 degrees, vertical ± 45 degrees), 3D and high fidelity sound (DTS + DOLBY double certification). The remote controller of the Fengmi M055DCN Smart Lite Projector is a Bluetooth version. The advantage of the Bluetooth remote controller is that it is not limited by position and angle, so it is more convenient to control. The projector also supports voice control, and when you need to find resources or control projections, you can do it with your mouth, and you don’t need to look up pages step by step.

The projector has a power interface, earphone interface, USB 3.0 interface, an HDMI interface. Although the number of interfaces is not very rich, some interfaces are also available, which can meet the needs of daily use. The top bar is the projected control area, the left side is the power switch, the middle is a status indicator, the right side of the Smart lettering for decorative effects, just to make the control bar look more symmetrical.


Now Fengmi has a small, powerful Fengmi M055DCN Smart Lite Projector with a Xiaomi MIUI TV blessing, a physical 1080P resolution (4K upwards compatibility), and a 16,000 mA high-capacity battery, which is still pretty good in paper terms. How about this projector? Is it worth starting with? We can buy it from Gearbest at $499.99 with Coupon Code: W2C29EYUEQ

Buy Xioami Fengmi M055DCN Smart Lite DLP 3D Projector at $499.99


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