XMUND Scooter Review – Kids Folding Kick Scooter at $53.99 From Banggood


The smooth-quiet wheels, low-to-the-ground wide deck, and stable steering all make XMUND Kids Kick Scooter perfect for kids ages 2-12. It’s easy to store and transport helping them discover, enjoy, and explore the world at their own speed while developing essential balance and coordination skills.

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The unique 3-wheel design gives the XMUND Kids Kick Scooter both added stability and safety, sturdy material that holds up to 65kg. The handgrips are comfortable enough to protect kids’ hands from hurting. High strength, anti-skidding, and wide deck are designed for kids’ safety and help to explore more adventures. And you get peace of mind knowing it exceeded ASTM standard consumer safety specification for toy safety. The XMUND Kids Kick Scooter designs with an adjustable handlebar, which means the scooter will grow with your child allowing them to enjoy their scooter for longer. T-bar with Secure Lifting and Twisting Lock can be adjusted from 25.4″ to 32.7″ from the ground. 4 adjustable height options to accommodate ages 2 to 12 year old, suitable for 33″ to 63″ height. weighing just 2.7kg is a beginner trike scooter that’s durable, lightweight, and easy to assemble. No extra tools required.

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The kid scooter designs with the energy of motion technology, which means lights will get brighter enough to see during the day with the faster your kids go. There is no need for any batteries, the turning wheels light up in a variety of flashing colors. Adding an original and fun twist to the ride. The intuitive Lean-to-Steer technology can help children learn to lean their body weight to turn right or left. It also helps kids to train their body equilibrium sense and coordination ability. For the sake of safety, this design prevents sharp turns to avoid any injury, You kids will keep safe while having fun. The superior rear brake is extremely reliable and made of highly durable stainless-steel material, easy to stop the scooter quickly. The large rear-wheel foot brake also prevents muddy water from splattering on your kids’ back legs.


The XMUND Kids Kick Scooter will grow with your child and allow them to enjoy their scooter for much longer. Plus, the design of the scooter with a removable handlebar, which can pop-in or pop-out easily. It’s convenience for parents to carry, store, or transport while your kids enjoy scooting outside. We can buy it from Banggood at $53.99 in Flash Sale only 14Pcs limited.

Buy XMUND Kids Kick Scooter From Banggood


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