Xunfei Wrist Recorder R1 and smart recorder SR302 Released Together


HKUST IFLYTEK held a new product launch conference for smart voice recorders with the theme “Efficient Transfer of Writing to See Light”. At the meeting, Xunfei wrist recorder R1 and Xunfei smart recorder SR302 were officially released. At present, the two new products have been pre-sold on major e-commerce platforms. Xunfei wrist recorder R1 is priced at 399 yuan and participates in the pre-sale. You can enjoy a 10 yuan deposit to 70 yuan activity, the iFLYTEK smart voice recorder SR302 is priced at 999 yuan, and the pre-sale enjoys 10 yuan to 60 yuan.

According to reports, the two new products released this time have maintained the industry’s leading level in technical functions such as sound pickup, transcription, and translation, and are also “smarter” in specific scenarios.

The Xunfei wrist recorder R1, known as the new king of one hundred yuan, adopts a subversive wrist-style design and is similar in size to a watch. It has 98% transcription accuracy and supports multi-language transcription. When the iFLYTEK wrist recorder R1 is on, double-click the side button to start recording, which is extremely convenient.

In addition, the wrist recorder R1 not only has a built-in PPG biosensor, which can monitor heart rate and sleep 24 hours but also has life-conscious functions such as message reminders and alarm clocks. It can switch between exercise modes and recording records at any time, even during exercise. You can record inspiration or other key information at any time.

It is worth mentioning that the iFLYTEK smart voice recorder SR302 launched at the press conference is the first time that iFLYTEK has released a metal product within a thousand yuan. Through 55 metal processes, the whole body is sprayed with a skin-friendly touch, and the alloy texture shell surface created is full of quality.

In terms of smart transcription, SR302 not only supports transliteration in 12 dialects including Cantonese, Chongqing dialect, and Guizhou dialect, but also transcribes in 10 major languages ​​including English, Japanese, and French.

In terms of sound pickup, iFLYTEK’s smart voice recorder SR302 uses a 2+4 microphone system, which is a combination of a directional microphone and array microphone. It also has a scene intelligent noise reduction function under the blessing of the AI algorithm. In terms of specifications, it is equipped with a 2.0-inch touch screen and a built-in 2000mAh capacity battery.

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