Y5 Smart Bracelet IP67 Waterproof With amazing features Offered for $18.99


Y5 Smartwatch is amazing because it has the color screen. It has all the functions of Mi band, heart monitor, step counter, sedentary, alarm clock, sleep monitor among others. It is the first in the segment that can change the time display design. It has a stopwatch and a blood pressure monitor, so Mi Band does not have it.

Buy The Y5 smartwatch for just $18.99


It has a 0.96 inch TFT color screen with a resolution of 80 x 160 pixels. The Goral Y5 features a two-tone silicone handle available in Black, Blue, Dark Blue, Purple, and Red colors. It is a beautiful smart band with a waterproof IP67 rating. This size of the screen not only allows to show comprehensive and rich information but also fit the width of the wrist, bringing a pleasant feeling of wearing. Just raise the wrist, you can easily see the time or use one of its other functions.


In addition to the beautiful design, the Y9 Smartband comes with powerful hardware. It’s equipped with the Dialog14585 Bluetooth 4.0 chip and supports Bluetooth 4.0. It’s powered by a 90mAh Li-polymer battery which can standby up to 10 days. Moreover, with the plug-in USB charging design, it’s easy and convenient to charge the bracelet via computer, notebook, etc. In general, the charging time is about 90 minutes.

The Y5 Smart Bracelet is a device that based on the pulse rate conduction tech, you can measure your blood pressure and blood oxygen to manage your health condition. 24 hours dynamic heart rate record helps you know your body better. Kinds of sports modes care about your body considerately. USB charging plug affords you a more convenient life. Right now we can buy Goral Y5 Smartband from COOLICOOL for $18.99 which is stock in Europe warehouse

Buy The Y5 smartwatch for just $18.99

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