YADEA YS500 Review – Electric Mountain/Touring Bike at €1189 From TOMTOP


The e-bike boom continues with us and anyone looking for the cheapest possible mid-engine e-bike should take a look at the Yadea YS500 27.5 ″ e-bike. The Yadea YS500 is an interesting combination of mountain and road electric bikes that primarily boasts large 27.5-inch wheels so it is very comfortable to ride. It can take a driver with a maximum weight of 150 kilograms, while a 350W electric motor will pull up to a maximum speed of 25km / h.


It has a 350W wheel motor that provides a maximum speed of 25km / h and a maximum gradient of 30 degrees. It is made of aluminum and this helps to keep the weight quite low, which does not exceed 25 kg. Aluminum alloy shell for a maximum payload of 150kg. The company – operating honestly – tells us that it does so for people up to 180 cm tall. GMT. Here is the first “pain.” What we will do? In terms of frame, it resembles an almost completely average adult mountain bike but still feels more stylish in design with an ultra-lightweight aluminum frame. Available in Black, Red, White, or Metallic Blue.

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The YADEA YS500 reaches 25 km / h when the electric motor reaches 350W, with the battery at 13AH and recharges relatively quickly: at 7 hours. Its autonomy reaches 100 kilometers, which as always there are many factors that must be implemented to see such figures. However, it is still an impressive autonomy, since it reaches 50-60 km, you can go from one end of Athens to the other. 27.5-inch tire spoken for several reasons to take. Suitable for adults and teens to have fun. this bike is not for most people, their 36 V. 13 Ah battery lithium-ion battery (included in the product) for max. 1 00 km mileage, as the cost to obtain it is far from negligible.


Why do most electric bikes hit a 100kg weight limit and make you sad? Luckily, YADEA heard the pain of the people and came to the rescue; with the total weight that his bike can carry 150 kilograms. For now, it will be good to point out that we are not talking about a miniature bicycle; but rather a large bicycle with almost 27.5-inch wheels. We can buy Yadea YS500 from TOMTOP at €1189 and Delivered from EU Warehouse with Free Shipping


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