YAZOLE 348 Luxury Business Men Wrist Watch A Class Apart


Hey guys, today on a slightly different note moving from digital to analog tech, digital tech has saturated the market but wwe still have some appetite for the good old Luxury watches, and we thought why not bring you some in this category, enter YAZOLE 348 Luxury Business Men’s Watch.


The watches may have migrated to the smartwatches and smartphone companies are literally overtaking this category of products too, first the camera industry was hampered now the watch industry. But we still have a very poor acceptance rate of the digital smartwatches which fail to give an acceptable battery life or the look and feel of the premium materials like we have in the YAZOLE 348 which is made up of high grade metal alloy and is water resistance too.


The watch has the classic look of an analog watch with a roman numeral dial giving it an unmatched aesthetic value. The watch comes in a Golden colour accent overall and Black/ White dial compliments it perfectly. Also you get a leather strap with equally spaced holes for adjustment suiting to all types of wrists.


Many of us would prefer a techky smart watch but we still have that section of Men’s who prefer class over smart and this watch is specifically made for Business Class Men which will aptly go with your suit or formals. It comes in two colour options Black/ White. The main thing to consider here is that the YAZOLE 348 Luxury Watch comes at a price tag of only $6.89 which will increase after a number of orders, so I suggest if you are thinking og getting it, do it as soon as possible here.


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