Yeelight Smart Square LED Ceiling Light For Just $149.99 at Gearbest


Are you still looking for a way to set up the high-quality and bright lighting system in your room? That’s why you should pay your attention to the new Smart LED Ceiling Light produced by Yeelight. The minimalistic design of the light will be suitable for every interior. This new Yeelight Smart Square LED Ceiling Light perfectly complements the existing line of Yeelight Ceiling Lights but is larger and brighter than they. This model is made to create the natural lighting that you can customize according to your needs.

This product does not only work as a lamp for your home but also as a decoration thanks to its unique and minimalist design. As shown in the images, it has a large rectangular shape, with its respective dimensions that are: 96.00cm in length x 64.00cm in thickness and 11.30cm in height. This allows you to cover most of the surface you wish to illuminate.

Are you worried about it being complicated to clean? Do not worry, because the aluminum alloy with which it is built makes the lamplighter, in addition, the Xiaomi Yeelight Simple LED Ceiling Light Pro has an anti-mosquito box to prevent them from entering the panel, effectively solving the problem of flying insects on the lampshade. It also has anti-mosquito stickers in the four holes of the screws.

Thanks to the technology that this device possesses, the brightness can be adjusted completely to the taste of each user. From a specific application for this product, which we will review later. You can choose between four different light modes, according to the environment you wish to create: “Moonlight” mode: Consists of a soft and not very bright light. It can be used as a background to watch movies. Reading mode: Refreshing and bright to enjoy reading time. “Free time” mode: Lighting for a relaxed atmosphere and having a more entertaining experience. Candle mode: As the name implies, it reflects a dim light that illuminates the atmosphere in a romantic way.

As we can adjust the brightness level of our panel, we can also do it freely with the temperature, depending on the color the lamp emits. It can go from warm to cold light, going from 2700k to 6500k. Undoubtedly, the Xiaomi Yeelight Simple LED Ceiling Light Pro shows how versatile it can be, adjusting to the tastes and needs of the most demanding.

And last but not least, we’ll take a look at the different ways in which you can control this smart lamp and take advantage of the technology it works with, and not keep the simple remote control. As mentioned in the previous section, through a special application that you can download for free on your mobile device, you can turn the panel on and off, adjust the brightness of the light and the color temperature, as well as select the different types of lighting before exposed. It’s fast and efficient, and everything from the palm of your hand.

If this does not convince you, you also have intelligent voice control, compatible with Google Home and Amazon Echo. Even faster and convenient, if you do not have your mobile or remote control at hand, you can control this smart LED light with your voice. In addition to this, it can be used as a Bluetooth Gateway device. This allows devices with this same function to maintain contact with our Smartphone. If you are interested in buy the Xiaomi Yeelight Smart Square LED Ceiling Light, do not hesitate to visit Gearbeast, where you will find it for $149.99.


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