YI Discovery 4K Action Camera – Grab it from the Amazon store of Yi. Full review with unboxing, real images and video!


Xiaomi is well known to have several gadgets under its name, made by other companies of high quality. And this is normal, as since Xiaomi products are of high quality, couldn’t be and the products made for her from the other companies. Yi is one of these companies, that started with Xiaomi and lately is making products for itself. Of course, the high quality remains. One of the latest products that Yi showed to us is the Yi Discovery 4K action camera, which I received from the Amazon store of Yi and I would like to thank the company very much!

The Yi Discovery 4K action camera came to me with in a big box, well protected. Inside it, I found the usual white luxurious box, first met from Xiaomi. On the front side we can see the camera itself and on the bottom side we can see several info about the camera itself.

Opening the box, inside I found the camera, the 900mAh rechargeable battery, a usb cable with a micorusb and a manual. The camera doesn’t come with any extra as underwater case that normally has or other and that’s why you can get it so cheap from the Amazon store!

The camera comes with a 2″ touchscreen on the back and a single button. The operation of the camera is so easy, that anyone can become a pro with it! From the touchscreen you can arrange settings and options in the camera, so you can take professionally photos very easy! The camera comes with 8 Shooting
modes to choose what is the most appropriate for you. In this case you can choose among loop mode, accelerated, countdown, burst and more.

You can also manually configure shooting settings such as shutter, EV value compensation, ISO sensitivity, white balance ( WB) and sharpness. By this way you can have a even better shooting result. If you buy the waterproof case, you will be able to use it and underwater down to 40 meters deep. The camera comes with a Sony sensor that can make video 4K@20fps or 1080p@60fps and take a picture at 8MP with the support of SONY IMX179 Powerful Image Sensor.

The lens supports a wide angle of 150 ° giving you more details by this way. With the built in WiFi (2.4GHz), you can connect with the camera and control it from the Yi Action app. You must have the latest, as only in the latest you can find this version of the camera. If you have older, you wont be able to connect with the camera correctly! In order to connect with the camera, you start it up, activate the wifi and run the app.

Choose the correct version of the camera and you will have access to the camera and its settings.

From the app you can see what images or video you have made, download them to your mobile and many more to check.

Check now some sample images that I have taken, without any filters. All settings are on auto

Looking directly the sun!

Check also the info shown from irfanview for two of the images above.

Check now the Unboxing video with a detailed review about the camera.

As you can see the Yi Discovery 4K action camera is a very very good one, as it is supposed to be, since it comes from Yi. You will be able to get it at a very low price from the French Amazon store of Yi, the UK Amazon store of Yi or the US Amazon store of Yi! Don’t forget that by this way you will have your order fast and 100% free of customs!


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