YK025 Airbag Voice Control RC Quadcopter Design, Features Review (Coupon Included)


The YK025 airbag RC quadcopter is one of the unique drones on the market right now. It is being marketed toward kids with the idea that it is a safer alternative to the open propeller designs of most drone.


YK025 airbag RC quadcopter With cute smile face in the airbag, kids will be attracted by it at first glance. With the innovative airbag design, it will bounce after hitting the wall and other obstacles which ensure safe flying. The blimp style propeller guard hides the props safely inside the cute drone. The soft guard should allow it to bounce off of walls a lot easier than most ridged prop guards. It is definitely a drone one of the better drones for children.


The YK025 airbag RC quad copter has some very interesting features. It has the typical altitude hold, auto-takeoff and landing as well as headless mode that we have come to expect on most quadcopters. It also claims to have waypoint control as well as voice control, that is an interesting option. YK025 airbag comes with an uninspiring 0.3MP camera. Like most inexpensive quads this will take decent pictures outdoors and in good light, but it is far from HD quality and will not be on par with most cell phone cameras. The YK025 airbag doesn’t ship with a dedicated remote, so it will rely on your smartphone for control. We find that a little curious as it is more difficult to fly using a phone rather than a remote. Perhaps they expect kids to be able to fly using voice commands. It looks like there may be an RTF model in the works that does ship with a remote control.


Overall this is a unique take on a drone. YK025 airbag RC quadcopter trying to make this a safer unit for children to learn on. If you want something that is both safe and cute there are a whole lot of better options out there for you. you can buy From RCMOMENT at $32.77 with Coupon Code: SALE15


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