Yotaphone 2-World’s First Dual Screen Smartphone Review


Yotaphone right now is quite popular with dual screen e-ink screen since the last generation Yotaphone 1. Now the new generation YotaPhone 2 released in earlier this year with fresh design, high-end specs and bigger displays, the most highlight of this smartphone is that we can make full use of low-power E ink screen. According to test, YotaPhone 2 is a very interesting smartphone that is different from other traditional smartphone.



Yotaphone 2 uses 5inch FHD Corning Gorilla Glass screen with 1920 x 1080pixels screen resolution in front screen and 4.7 inch E-ink Electronic Paper Display 960 x 540 Corning Gorilla Glass 3 235ppi Screen in back camera, which is capable of producing 16 different levels of gray.By far the most important upgrade to the E Ink display on the YotaPhone 2 is that it’s now fully multitouch-enabled, so you can poke at it like you would any other touchscreen. And it has a well rounded, uncomplicated shape that makes for comfortable ergonomics, It’s very cool to have dual screen for a smartphone.




Yotaphone 2 is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 ( MSM8974 ) Quad core 2.26GHz , Adreno 330 GPU,  RAM 2GB ROM 32GB, although it doesn’t use the high-end CPU compared with other popular smartphones, it can still compete with those powered by same CPU. When we play games or watch tvs, the speed is unbelievable. And the internal storage can meet our daily needs to store the files we want.


Yotaphone 2 has used dual camera with 2.1MP front camera, and 8MP back camera. When we see this kind of cameras, it may not meet our high need to take pictures outside. But as you know this smartphone is not famous for its dual camera, if it also has good dual camera, it will not sell so cheaply.




It is built in 2500mAh battery, which can support over 48 hours standby time. It can definitely meet our needs to read the e-books by Yotaenergy app. This smartphone is full of power saving ability to help us use it longer.


Other functions

It is not only well-known for dual screen, but also basic functions same as other android smartphones. It runs Android4.4 OS, supporting Compass, GPS, NFC, Bluetooth, Nano SIM card as iPhone. You can also use 4G LTE network. So in general, it can be a very good choice for dual screen smartphone.



Yotaphone 2 has its advantages such as Dual-screened engineering marvel, useful E Ink screen, Gorgeous primary AMOLED display, Top-tier performance and Cool points aplenty, but of course, there are some aspects to be improved such as software, camera and battery. Right now it’s very cheap to sell in some stores.
You can compare the price here.
Chinavasion–Yotaphone 2 at $154.99
efox shop– Yotaphone 2 at €129.99
Gearbest– Yotaphone 2 at $130.99  coupon code: YOTAP


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