YotaPhone 2 YD201 International Version Exclusive Flash Sale+Coupon From Efox


We believe most users have heard this dual-screen smartphone, Yotaphone 2,in the past, it has become a high-end dual screen smartphone, but right now it can be considered the cheapest budget dual screen mid-range smartphone in terms of its processor. When it comes out, most users have been attracted by its amazing innovative design, but do you know it has international version? Currently, Efox has exclusively sold Yotaphone 2 international version at discounts price and big coupon. Let’s know its performance first.


Yotaphone 2 has 5inch AMOLED Corning Glass 3 Screen with 1920 * 1080 pixels resolution, and a 4.7 inch Always-on E-ink Electronic Paperback Corning Gorilla Glass 3 screen with 960 * 540 pixels resolution, the 4.7 inch e-ink screen can remind you of any notification about call, message all the time without unlocking your phone and you can customize the dashboard with the screen on all the time, Yotaphone 2 comes with EPD screen,which can make you read any messages, e-books, etc under the brightest sunshine, and you can turn EPS screen into personal statement such as different kinds of pictures you want to show.


Although YOTA YotaPhone 2 is powered by Snapdragon 800 Quad core 2.2Ghz processor, RAM 2GB ROM 32GB internal storage, it still has powerful performance to help you play games, watch movies, search the Internet with very smooth speed, after all Snapdragon processor performs well. Right now it’s a mid-range smartphone with RAM 2GB, but right now the price has reduced, it can still meet your needs to do multi-tasking, and 32GB is also big enough for us to store necessary files.


When we talk about its camera, it may not be outstanding, because it has 2.1MP front camera and 8MP back camera with autofocus and flash light. It supports continuous shooting which makes us take nice photos in different pose. If it had better camera, the price would be higher.


You may worry about its battery life if the e-ink screen is always on, Yotaphone 2 measures its battery life not in hours but in days, according to its official, it can support up to 5 days for reading with single charge, 2 days basic YotaEngergy app use, it has YotaEngergy Mode to support up to 48 hours or more use.

Other Features

Because it is an international version, it can be used globally due to supporting different countries’ frequency band, such as 2G GSM 850/900/1800 / 1900MHz, 3G WCDMA 850/900/1900 / 2100MHz, 4G FDD-LTE B3 / B7 / B20 network, and it runs Android 5.0 OS, you can check its official site to upgrade to Android6.0, besides, you can enjoy NFC function, don’t forget it supports only one SIM card, not supporting TF card for expansion.


YotaPhone 2 International version can be used in different countries, this dual-screen smartphone will be best partner for those e-book readers. Currently, only Efox has Yotaphone 2 International version in Flash sale at€132.99, but you can use this 8euros coupon code:  TP2800 to catch it at lower price. Wow, just become more innovative and different from others by this smartphone.


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