Yotaphone 3 Dual Screen Smartphone Finally Unveiled at least 2,380 yuan, $396


After two years, Yotaphone 3 has finally been shown up, which is the successor of Yotaphone 2, using dual screen design, one of them is e-ink screen, the other is AMOLED screen.

Currently its official doesn’t show us the details about the specs, but according to other media, YotaPhone 3 will provide 64GB ROM and 128GB ROM, two versions, the price will sell at 350usd and 450usd accordingly, they will start to sell in Russia and China this Autumn.

There is rare photos about this phone, one of the photos show dual screen design, compared with last generation, it is more upright and sharp. According to Russian technician insiders, it will be released on September 3 to Sept.5. And it will be not totally developed by Russia, but by designers from Hongkong and Shenzhen.

The designers shows that Yotaphone 3 China version will install a series of popular local apps, and these software can run on two screens at the same time. It is said that Yota Devices shareholder consists of many companies, such as China Baoli Technologies Holdings Limited,  30%  shares, Russian National Technology Incorporation accounts for 25.1%, MTH Limited for 10%, and 34% shares belong to Telconet investment funds.

Therefore, Yotaphone 3 will be researching result of both countries. It will bring more unknown technologies, just stay tuned.


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