You will See MIUI 9 OS on July 12 Leaked by Famous Blogger on Weibo


About the release date of MIUI 9 OS, we have heard a lot of news recently, but we only hear from MIUI official that it will be released before August 16. Today a famous blogger on Weibo @Luo Xiaohao, he said that we can see MIUI 9 OS on July 12. But the real release date will be later than July 12, if the news is real, Xiaomi will offer MIUI 9 beta test preview version on July 12.

Yesterday Xiaomi MIUI Marketing Vice Supervisor has released a post about MIUI 9 on Weibo, it is about the investigation about MIUI 9 new style, asking the netizens to use geometry style, do you like this kind of style, and then MIUI Marketing Supervisor @Ma Lulu has also shared this post, and claims that MIUI 9 will be released before August 16.

We have investigated this sets of theme and analyzed, we can not exclude MIUI 9 will not get rid of its previous flat simple icon style, but to use geometry style to comply with the visual design of apps itself.

About other news of MIUI 9, they haven’t leaked more, but combined with previous news, Xiaomi MI MAX 2 split-screen function, cooperating with Nokia in data transmission, network optimization, VR, AI and other cooperation, MIUI 9 will make breakthrough in these aspects. There will be the following features.

First, Xiaomi smartphone will enjoy split screen function, which will be used on MIUI OS.

Second, there is much ads on MIUI OS, and Lei Jun has leaked that MIUI 9 design concept will be more stable, more fluent, more power saving, therefore, they will remove those frequent ads possibly.

Third, one of goal of MIUI is power saving, MIUI 9 OS will add AI smart power saving technology, which can operate according to users’ daily habits to optimize for power saving.

Fourth, since MIUI 8 OS released, there are many functions developed such as scan, app split screen, image, video cutting, multi-functional calculator, long screenshot, and other practical functions, until now, smart assistant, PIP function can be confirmed to use on MIUI 9 OS, so what else functions will MIUI 9 bring?


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