YouTube Tips: Rank Higher and Get More Views


There is not an exact science for getting lots of views and a high channel ranking on the YT platform. If there was any kind of precise methodology to it, then every business or individual who posts their videos there would become an instant YouTube sensation.

However, there’s certainly some practical advice that you can follow which will help you out as you’re trying to rank more highly and rack up more views on this popular platform.

We’ll take a few moments to break down the best strategies to get ahead of your competitors on this ultra-competitive social media forum.

Getting More Views by Buying Engagement Packages

One of the favorite strategies of many YT users is to get free YouTube views through one of the popular view-selling sites. But hold on a moment there, you might say. Why would a site that sells views want to give some to me for free?

There are two reasons why these companies choose to use this type of strategy.

  • This is a way to get you into their sales funnel. If lots of people try out a little sample viewership, then a percentage of them are going to order one of the paid packages.
  • If someone is on the fence about how adding watchers impacts your ranking and organic viewership, adding a few free watches is a way to convince them of that.

It’s a clever strategy and an effective one. Once a large number of YT channel users try out the free views, they’ll see how their organic numbers will start to climb.

The Bandwagon Mentality

The reason that either free views or purchased views start to quickly prop up your organic watcher numbers is because of something called the bandwagon mentality.

Essentially, it can be explained this way. If you don’t buy any watchers or get some free, then your channel and video offerings will likely remain stagnant.

They won’t attract any organic traffic because no one knows who you are yet. No matter how amazing your videos are, no one will engage with them.

Once you either buy some engagement or get some free, people will start to notice your numbers ticking up. They’ll come watch your videos because they perceive that they’re popular.

It can be frustrating that it takes a little trickery to convince people to start watching your videos. After all, you worked very hard on them, and you might feel that they’re compelling enough to succeed on their own.

It’s not about the quality of the videos, though. It’s simply that your channel and company are not known commodities yet. Don’t take it personally.

Creating Compelling Content

Let’s say that you went ahead and used some free engagement from one of the sites that offers it, or you bought a package from them. That’s a good way to attract some eyes your way.

The real question now is how you’re going to get these new potential customers to like your videos, follow your channel, and leave positive comments.

You need to create highly engaging videos that you feel certain those in your niche are going to love. But what’s the formula for doing that?

Much like getting engagement, it’s not an exact science. Still, you’re going to be on the right track if you can do the following:

  • Try to think like one of your potential customers. What kind of content is going to grab their attention? Try to answer questions in your videos that you think they’ll have.
  • Consider hiring a professional video-making team to create your content for you. It should be excellent not just in terms of the script, but also the visuals and sound elements.
  • Try not to do things that have been done before. That’s going to be challenging in virtually any niche, but if you get your whole company together and brainstorm, you should be able to come up with original ideas.

What About Getting Your Videos to Rank Highly?

Getting each video offering to rank highly on the platform is every bit as essential as getting more people to watch. That’s because if your videos don’t appear near the top of the search engine rankings, then no one is likely to ever find them.

Using free engagement or buying some is equally useful in establishing high rankings for your YT offerings as it is in attracting organic followers, likes, and comments. The reason for that is you can fool the YT algorithm in the same way that you attract those organic followers.

The way it works is:

  • You tell the company you chose to give you your free or paid-for engagement numbers.
  • They start to go up.
  • This leads to organic traffic.
  • YT perceives that your channel is growing more popular, so it shoots your new videos to the top of the rankings.

There’s nothing wrong with this method, provided you only use a company that utilizes the so-called “slow-drip” method.

This is when a company adds to your numbers slowly and steadily. If they give you 5,000 likes or followers instantly, that’s going to get you flagged by the algorithm.

The Numbers Need to Come from Active Accounts

The other part of the equation is that the company you choose needs to only give you your YouTube engagement from active, 100% real accounts. If they use bots or inactive accounts, then that can get your channel flagged.

That’s a huge pain for any business or individual, so make sure and ask the company you use if they always fill orders with active accounts and no bots.

Optimizing Your Video Titles

There’s another way to ensure that your videos stay at the top of the YT search engine rankings for your niche. You can use analytics to determine what keywords and keyword phrases your customers are most likely to employ.

You can use those words in the title, but make sure you do so in a way that seems natural. If your title sounds unnatural because you tried to cram it full of keywords, YT will recognize that and penalize you by dropping the video down the rankings.

There are a few other things to keep in mind about your titles:

  • They should be neither too long, nor too short
  • You should aim for about 120 characters
  • If you’re doing a series of connected videos, then you should start each one with the same keyword phrase. That signals to your fans that it’s part of the same series.

There Should Be Keywords in the Description as Well

It’s also beneficial to have keywords in your video descriptions. You can figure out which ones to use by mastering the YT Keyword Tool. Remember to weave them in so that it sounds natural.

If your use of keywords feels clumsy or spammy, that’s keyword stuffing.  It will get you flagged by the platform just as quickly as using bots for your followers.

Make Sure that You Have an Excellent Thumbnail

The thumbnail is the little picture from your video that appears when someone is considering whether or not to watch it.

As you can imagine, that picture counts for a lot. If it’s something appealing, then the individual will watch. If it doesn’t catch their eye, then they’ll move on.

The image shouldn’t be grainy or out of sync with what the video is about. Select it carefully. It’s just as vital as keywords in the title, tags, and descriptions.

Now, you know a little about getting your videos to rank, and also how to produce some organic followers, not to mention other engagement forms. As you come out with more offerings via the platform, most of these practices will become second nature to you.

You’ll soon have all the skills you need to be a YouTube superstar.


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