Yunmai Light Pro – We review the most beautiful and smart scale that can measure up to 29 physical data!


Here in Greec we have total lockdown in many cities due to the Covid 19 pandemia. This means less walking, less exercise and more measurement in what we eat. Of course the need of a clever scale is more than needed in such situations. I found the Yunmai Light pro searching over the internet and got it for myself. The scale, apart from the ability of measuring 29 physical data, is really very very beautiful!

The Yunmai Light Pro came with GLS, with no problem with customs. Opening the box, I saw a real piece of jewelry! I can gurantee you that you can easily put this clever scale in a corner of your living room, without any problem that will spoil your decoration. Just check my images and I’m 1000% sure that you will agree with me!

The scale works with a rechargeable battery, which is charged with the included cable, via the MicroUSB interface. It has a lifespan of 180 days and its capacity is 1000mAh.

As you can see from the photos, it has a hidden panel of 35 LEDs, which when activated shows us the elements we want. It has a new design, it is light and really very beautiful!

The scale connects to your mobile phone via bluetooth and records 29 data, which you can see in the application that comes with the scale. It supports registration up to 16 people, so it can be fully used by each member of your family. It supports Bluetooth connectivity and is compatible with Apple Health Kit, Google Fit, Fitbit and other popular applications. The application used by the scales is the Yunmai Haoqing App.

The scale can weigh from 6 kg – 300 kg with an accuracy of 0.2 kg. Among the characteristics that records and you can see them through the application are BMI, fat, muscle mass, body water, bone mass, body age, visceral fat, protein, basal metabolic rate, other body mass (not fat), fat, body type, body score, normal weight, Body fat index and obesity level.

Watch the video presentation that I have prepared for you, to see how really beautiful the scales is! Don’t forget to Like and Share our video, as and subscribe!

You can find the Yunmai Pro scale from their eshop at a avery good price!

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