Yunmi Released Alpha 2 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner for Dust Collection


Yunmi Alpha 2 Pro, a self-collecting and dust-dragging robot, has been released by the official government of Yunmi Whole House Internet Home Appliance. The machine will be officially put on sale at the flagship store of Tmall Yunmi on April 20th.

Yunmi Alpha 2 Pro adopts AI-dumping 3.0 automatic dust collection system, which can realize the whole process of cleaning, dust-collecting and dust-throwing bag. It has triple fine filter purification of the host, dust collecting seat and dust collecting bag. The activated carbon used in the dust collecting bag can achieve 99.99% bacteriasis, which can effectively prevent the reproduction of bacteria and filter dust, allergens, bacteria and other harmful substances layer by layer. The sweeping and towing robot is supposed to be equipped with strong suction. Yunmi Alpha 2 Pro has changed the layout of the traditional air duct, shortening the length of the air duct by nearly 60%. With 30kPa strong suction, the fastest dust collection can be achieved in 15 seconds, effectively improving the efficiency and effect of dust collection.

Besides performance, intelligence is also important. Yunmi Alpha 2 Pro is equipped with AI four-eye lidar. The LDS on the top can scan the whole house for map construction. The three lidar on the side can scan and detect obstacles in real time, so that it can easily cope with various home environments without being affected by light. The built-in 5Glot chip can accurately identify more than 150 kinds of low obstacles and accurately plan the route in combination with the big data of cloud items.

In addition, Yunmi Alpha 2 Pro can connect to a variety of smart home appliances of Yunmi, so that the whole house is smart and the home situation is monitored in real time.


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