Yunmi X1 Water Purifier Released: 1 Second Hot, ± 1°C Adjustable


Water is very important for the human body. For fashionable young families, Yunmi X1 Water Purifier is necessary to have an efficient water purifier at home.  Recently, Xiaomi ecological chain enterprise Yunmi has brought a cloud meter X1 water purifier, desktop free installation, water purifier + water dispenser in one, it has a reverse osmosis pure filtration 4+1 system, through efficient Deep filtration, you can drink directly from the water. It provides a 4.2L tap water tank + 1.8L independent concentrating water tank, no need for external water pipes can be placed in any space in the home, even the office can be used.

The Yunmi X1 water purifier provides a one-second heat system. The design is a swirling hot water path. The heating is sufficient, the temperature rises faster, and the hot water can be produced in one second. There is a control panel on the water outlet, the temperature of the desired drinking water can be precisely regulated, and it takes a few degrees to drink a few degrees of water. The water purifier is also provided with a child lock protection button to prevent accidents such as child accidental contact.

Another highlight of the Yunmi X1 water purifier is the bindable APP. The information on the water quality and the life information of the filter element can be clearly understood on the APP, and the basic situation of the water purifier can be mastered at any time and anywhere. More timely and effective maintenance.

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In terms of price, the original price of Yunmi X1 Water Purifier is 1599 yuan, and the starting price is 999 yuan. It can be purchased at Yunmi Mall.

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