ZEROTECH Dobby RC Drone Crowdfunding Reached 5Million Yuan in First Day


Zerotech has released its RC Drone last Wednesday,  Compared with Xiaomi Mi drone and DJI drone, Zerotech is not so famous in the world. But in UAV field, Zerotech can be the best rival of DJI. At Guiyang International Big Data Expo 2016, ZEROTECH has officially announced to enter into UAV line by this ZEROTECH Dobby. Yesterday it started to presell in Taobao, and it has created the record of  5M yuan for the first day which is a good news for UAV in China.


Recently, ZEROTECH has cooperated with Snapdragon which first combined RC Drone with Snapdragon processor which has created the solid foundation for Dobby.  Dobby has powered by Snapdragon 801 Quad core 2.3Ghz chipset and SMART UAV solution which can be put in pocket located for convenient UAVs. In design, as a small UAV, its portability can be the best highlight.



In operation, Dobby can meet all needs for auto shooting. For example, it can support one key to take-off, voice take-off, throwing take-off, etc. It’s better for entry level users to have a try.

In general, Small UAV has bad wind resistance function, and bad stability outdoors. But Dobby can resist 4 level Wind to meet the needs of taking video or photos indoors and outdoors.

For selfies, face recognition, target to follow functions are inevitable for a UAV which can increase the stability and diversity.

Taking pictures delay, multi shooting has also shown  in Dobby. As a selfie UAV, it’s very important for these functions.

In addition, Dobby has also increased Pet mode, aerobatics and other entertainment functions.

Now Zerotech Dobby has started to sell online for crowdfunding and create a nice record for UAV. It proves RC Drone will have much powerful market potential. Those brands should improve its quality and design like Zerotech. Meanwhile, Zerotech has ensured that they will ship Dobby by the end of June, So are you ready to grab one?


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