Zerotech Hesper Foldable RC Drone First Unveils


At NAB 2017 in LA, USA, Zerotech has shown its latest foldable RC drone, Zerotech Hesper, although it has not been released officially, we can see some details from the images. Hesper foldable rc drone adopts arm paralleled closed foldable method.

According to leaked images, we can see Hesper is a little smaller than DJI Mavic Pro. It is said Hesper has 4K photographing function, which can support up to 18 minutes battery life. Due to higher needs for RC drone on the current market, if Zerotech still releases a less than 20 minutes flight RC drone, many users will be unsatisfied with it.

From the bottom of the RC Drone, we can see there is an obvious GPS module, the camera gimbal of Hesper has been improved compared with Zerotech Dobby. Although it doesn’t adopt three axis gimbal, it looks it can control the remote control to pitch.

Hesper adopts unique remote control, we can not be sure if it can support smartphones to control. But Zerotech Dobby can support two control modes, smartphone control mode and MAVIC mode, so Hesper should keep the smartphone control mode.

As for how high it can fly, how long it can fly, how much it will be, according to our experience, Zerotech Hesper should have 120 meters height, up  to 500 meters height, the flight distance should be within 2 kilometers. The price should be from 3200 yuan, $600 to 6,400 yuan, $1066. Stay tuned.


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