Zhimi 1S Electric Heater Smart Version Release: 16-28 °C Precision Constant Temperature


Zhimi launched the intelligent version of Zhimi Electric Heater 1S, convection heating, dual-use bath, priced at 499 yuan.

Smart meter heater 1S new upgrade 72 high-efficiency aluminum sheet heating body, power is hot, heat dissipation area up to 4500 square centimeters, dragon ridge arrangement is more conducive to airflow, 2200W high power, room temperature upgrade faster.

The innovative honeycomb dip wind guide net can guide the hot air flow obliquely upward, which not only preserves the high-efficiency convection whole-house heating of the top air of the Zhimi electric heater, but also the close-range heating of the side air.

Everyone has different feelings about temperature. The intelligent version of Zhimi Electric Heater supports 16-28 °C free temperature regulation. The built-in dual temperature sensor intelligently maintains a constant temperature. When the ambient temperature reaches the preset value, the automatic low-power operation maintains the constant temperature state, and the lower temperature automatically increases the temperature.

Heating the local air inside the house to drive the air convection heating inside the house. The interior is fanless, quietly running, with no noticeable airflow and less impact on humidity.

The Zhimi electric heater has a protection rating of up to IPX4 and supports splash-proof water. The internal fully enclosed structure and special drainage channel design provide more complete protection; the heat sink is completely isolated from the power supply board, and the circuit safety is more secure. Pure black touch screen display, you can adjust the temperature, timing, light, low light, close the third-range brightness adjustment, night light, no light pollution, clear light during the day.

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Zhimi electric heater can be connected to Mijia APP and linkage Xiaomi Al speaker. The appointment before work is open, home is warm as spring; lazy in the bed can also be easily turned on and off by mobile phone or voice to adjust the temperature.

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