Zhimi Released 5 New Smart Air Conditioners, Inverter Fans Are Coming


On March 28th, Zhimi announced five new summer products including Zhimi full DC inverter air conditioner 1A, Zhimi inverter air conditioner 2, Zhimi DC inverter floor fan 2 and 2s. Air-conditioning new products will start to be opened in Xiaomi on March 28, officially on April 1st, and there will be a limited edition of 1999 yuan for Zhimi Air Conditioner 2 (three-level energy efficiency) on April 2; two fans will Open an appointment on April 1.  

It is understood that the category released this time covers two adjustment elements of temperature and airflow and meets the “cool” demand of consumers through various scenarios.

Zhimi full DC inverter air conditioner 1A inherits the appearance of the original product of Zhimi’s G-MARK gold award. The indoor unit adopts two-stage suspension design to make the body look thinner. The large-size LED high-definition display screen enhances the visual effect and makes it easy for users to read the data of the air conditioner.

In terms of performance, Zhimi full DC inverter air conditioner 1A is the flagship product of this release. It has a large circulating air volume of 700m3/h , plus the super-large heat exchange area of the double-row integrated arc heat exchanger enhances the heat exchange. Efficiency, the machine’s cooling and heating speed is also faster. At the same time, Zhimi full DC inverter air conditioner 1A adopts full DC design, and all air conditioner core components adopt DC frequency conversion technology, and the energy consumption is far lower than the national first-class energy efficiency standard.

The Chimi inverter air conditioner 2 adopts different design languages in appearance. It uses a long strip of LED display to provide a wider field of view while viewing the current air conditioning operating status as an icon.

Zhimi Inverter Air Conditioner 2 includes two types of energy efficiency and three energy efficiency models . Both models have the same design and can be purchased on demand according to the actual budget.

In terms of intelligent control, Zhimi’s three new products inherit the excellent interaction design of the previous two generations: in addition to the traditional remote control, it can also be remotely controlled by Mijia APP and accurate to 0.1 °C temperature adjustment, product support Connect to the small love smart voice speaker for voice control.

In addition, all three products have a quiet design as low as 22dB (A), making it easy for users to use at night. At the same time, the gentle wind feeling generated after optimizing the air duct makes the user more comfortable to use and helps to avoid “air conditioning disease”.

In terms of price, Zhimi full DC inverter air conditioner 1A is priced at 3,499 yuan (prepaid 100 to 400, to the price of 3,199 yuan), Zhimi inverter air conditioner 2 first-class energy efficiency and third-level energy efficiency are 2999 (prepaid 100 to 400, to get Price 2699 yuan) and 2699 , three-level energy-efficient air conditioner will open an appointment on March 29th on the platform of Xiaomi Youpin, and will be sold on April 2nd, with a limited price of 1999 yuan; the other two new products will be on March 28th. Open the appointment and officially open for sale on April 1.

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The Zhimi DC inverter fan 2 and 2S are upgraded on the basis of the previous generation of two products, and the user experience has been improved. These two products will be pre-sold on April 1.

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