Zhimi Smart Toilet All-in-One Machine is Released: Priced at $619


Xiaomi’s ecological chain enterprise-Zhimi Technology released a smart toilet all-in-one machine, priced at $619. The intelligent toilet integrated machine adopts Zero Hydraulic 0 water pressure start technology, the third generation water tank system, and the booster water pump provides stable power for flushing. No matter the water pressure, it has a strong impulse.

Touch the toes, the girl kicks to open the lid, the boy kicks twice to open the circle, touch flushing after using up, the sitting lid is equipped with a capacitive seating sensor, and UV sterilization is activated after leaving the seat, which can eliminate 99.9% of E. Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans, etc., also support automatic flushing and closing of the lid.

The external filter element can filter out impurities such as sand, insect eggs, rust, etc., and the cleaning is more assured. Instant hot water, three-speed adjustable temperature, the nozzle will be self-cleaning by running water before and after use.

The seat ring is made of high-quality PP antibacterial material, 3D curved surface design, supports 4-speed adjustable temperature, automatic cooling when no one is in use, energy-saving, and electricity saving.

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Zhimi Smart Toilet Supports multi-user mode memory, and can simultaneously memorize the use data of three users (sprinkler position, water temperature, seat temperature, etc.). This function can be supported by the mobile phone APP or remote control.

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