Zhiyun MasterEye Visual Controller VC100 Just at $352.52


Zhiyun MasterEye Visual Controller VC100 is a compact yet multi-featured device in one, it is compatible with Zhiyun Weebill 2. Featuring a high-quality LCD, wireless image transmission, flexible remote control, and an ergonomic modular design, the Controller delivers high performance without the need for complicated cables.

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The Zhiyun MasterEye Visual Controller VC100 has a 5.5-inch FHD touch screen with 400 PPI pixel density, 1000nit maximum brightness, and a 1200:1 high contrast ratio for smooth, crisp footage. sharp with vivid colors. Support users to monitor the footage realistically to adjust the video to the best.

Focus/Zoom Control

MasterEye Visual Controller VC100 paired with TransMount Focus/zoom Control Motor allows users to adjust focus, zoom as well as change focus remotely. Besides, users can also change the sensitivity of Focus/zoom Control to three levels low, medium, or high.

Support MicroSD

Support MicroSD memory card storage, Controller for high-quality 1080p recording backup. Besides, the Zhiyun MasterEye Visual Controller VC100 also provides an additional 3.5mm port that allows users to plug in a headset to monitor video with vivid images and sound.

Effective Teamwork

When combining the MasterEye Visual Controller VC100 with iPads and smartphones, the footage will be streamed directly to the iPad and smartphone screens, allowing the cinematographer, director, and focus/zoom controller to monitor the footage at the same time. at the same time, support effective communication and teamwork with each other.

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Where To Buy

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