Zhiyun Z1-Evolution Handheld Gimbal for GoPros Xiaomi Yi Action Cameras Design, Features Review With Coupon


The Zhiyun Z1-Evolution is an innovative and reliable 3-axis stabilizing gimbal for GoPro’s and similar sized action cameras. The Z1-Evolution can help content creators to produce smooth and professional shots with minimal effort with small POV cams, which usually don’t have any sort of image stabilization system onboard.


Zhiyun Z1-Evolution is weighted nicely and has a robust build. It is made up of aluminum primarily. The three brushless motors produce strong torque and smooth rotation. The innovative design of magnet steel integration, machine integration gathers the operation buttons, power and battery compartment in the slick handle which has a 1/4 inch screw thread at the bottom. The Zhiyun Z1 Evolution is our flagship GoPro gimbal. Made with super high-quality CNC alloy, the Zhiyun Evolution eliminates bumpy footage and allows almost anyone to record cinematic-quality recordings with a GoPro camera. The Zhiyun Evolution features top-notch motors which provide an astounding level of stabilization, resulting in the smooth footage, every time. It also features a built-in charging cable for your GoPro and has 4 different recording modes for shooting all types of footage. In addition, the Zhiyun Evolution comes with a tripod thread for extensions, a charger, USB charging cable, 2 x 18650 Lithium Ion batteries.


Zhiyun Evolution is the industry’s pioneer to achieve three 32-bit MCUs running in parallel at incredible 4k hertz. The number is far beyond the reach of any other gimbals. Each axis carries an incredible precise magnetic encoder. Even 0.02-degree change can be sensed. The Evolution is the most stable gimbal. With the 1/4 screw thread at the bottom, the Evolution can be matched with multiple filming accessories, i.e. tripod, extension rod, cupola, or handheld to make delay shooting and create the effect of the rocker arm. The honeycomb core airtime is the advanced control airtime researched and developed by Zhiyun. The gimbal attitude control, combined with efficient motor control technology, makes it possible for fast and accurate compensation for instant disturbance, which reaches the industry’s highest standard of noise reduction. Even the frame is enlarged 5 times you will never notice the shaking. With a 3.5mm AV output port on the side of the handle, just plug a viewfinder and you can catch real-time image. Besides, you can connect the camera to the gimbal and charge it. Bring several batteries instead of finding a wall outlet, enjoy long-time happiness. Using the classic strapless rotational joystick (4-speed joystick control), switching between pan following mode, locking mode, pan, and tilt following mode, you can handle everything within fingertip. Easy work, easy fun. Zhiyun Evolution is, in the global, the first gimbal ever compatible with two types of batteries using 18350 batteries to make the gimbal small and exquisite or 18650 batteries to get 12H run-time. The extended tube is for smart use to balance between weight and run-time considerately.


Zhiyun Z1-Evolution, the best gimbal for GoPro camera, with 6 core techniques, 2 integrated designs, 3 protection measures and long-running performance, is a professional, fashion, strong assistant for shooting videos. you can Buy From Camfere at $175.12 if using 12% OFF Coupon Code: ZHIYUNZ124


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