ZLL SG107 Pro Review – RC Drone at €124.16 From Geekbuying in Flash Sale


SG107 Pro is the next low-cost drone product line that ZLL launched after the success of previous products. With outstanding features such as 5G wifi transmission technology and a 4K ESC camera, the ZLL SG107 Pro has done its job very well. Surely, after using the Flycam SG107 Pro, you will not be disappointed with its great features.


ZLL SG107 Pro has almost the same design as previous versions; made of soft plastic with good durability, high impact resistance; and a compact folding wing design, easy to carry. At the same time, the SG107 Pro is also equipped with a powerful brushless motor and very quiet operation, and the motor life is quite long. It is this engine that also helps the speed of the SG107 Pro to have a higher rotation, helping the Flycam to be stable in high wind environments without drifting out of position. The folding drone has a foldable arm, which is small in size and easy to carry. With a high hold mode function, it provides stable flight.

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The ZLL SG107 Pro uses dual-mode satellite GPS navigation, so those who are new to this subject can also fully control this SG107 Pro. Especially if you download the app and connect to the Flycam, during smart tracking; the SG107 Pro will automatically recognize your movement of you and track the recording process to easily record interesting footage. 5G wifi transmission technology helps you fully control the Flycam remotely, and can be folded and held comfortably.

When the drone is about to run out of battery, has no signal, or is at a long distance; it can automatically identify and return to the take-off point without losing recorded data. Besides, advanced 5G image transmission technology produces smooth and clear image quality; The camera with 4K image capture resolution, 2K video recording, and 25fps frame rate can take photos through gesture recognition. With just a few small gestures, it also makes you not have to spend more time setting the timer to take photos. The Flycam SG107 Pro is also equipped with a smart processor chip; along with powerful processing, and performance to help the Flycam take better photos and be more stable when flying.


The first thing about the greatness of this ZLL SG107 Pro is that it is equipped with an HD ESC camera that effectively eliminates flicker, improves the quality of aerial photography, and a 90º remote control helps you get great shots. You can buy it from Geekbuying at 124.16 in Flash Sale for a limited time.


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