ZLRC Beast SG906 PRO 2 Review – 4K Camera RC Drone at $159.99 From TOMTOP


The excellent ZLRC Beast SG906 PRO 2 RC Drone with 3-axis PTZ gimbal is an update to the first ZLRC Beast SG906 quadcopter. Below are the main specifications and functions. The technical specifications are very good for the price of $159.99 and at the time of publication, the drone is the best in the niche of budget counterparts Mavic Air 2. In addition, SG906 PRO 2 features superior 4K Camera and all-in-one function delivering the power for a smooth flight.


In terms of the design of the ZLRC SG906 Pro 2 drone, there are not too many changes compared to previous products, while still keeping the design and colour of the product, so it is still very convenient when travelling or going. where the terrain is difficult. With a control distance of 1200m, you will have more opportunities to explore the new sky, fly higher to see the vast world. The return home mode is also included to help keep the device safer. Another factor that cannot be ignored is that the ZLRC SG906 Pro 2 drone’s battery capacity has been raised to 3400 mAh for a flight time of 26 minutes, you will have more time for more enjoyable flying experiences.

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Professional aerial imaging benefits from longer flight time; the drone has a maximum flight time of 28mins; allowing more time in the air to capture the perfect shot. In addition, ZLRC Beast SG906 PRO 2 features superior 4K Camera and all-in-one function delivering the power for a smooth flight. With a one-key return function, the drone can find its way back home easily. It is easy to take off or land with one button through the remote control, and it is easy to control the drone without the need of a two-hand operation. An excellent companion for you.

The Beast SG906 PRO 2 offers lots of intelligent flight modes, besides common functions, GPS return home, dual camera; GPS positioning, optical flow positioning, waypoint flight, point of interest, follow me are available. 3-Axis stabilized gimbal allow you to shoot more stable and s a clearer image. The first upgrade point is that this drone is equipped with a 4K HD camera with AI technology with powerful anti-shake anti-shake; for super-smooth HD video images. The camera angle is also improved compared to the old version, showing you more majestic, more cinematic scenes.

ZLRC Beast SG906 PRO 2 drone comes with 3-axis anti-shake Gimbal with extremely high stability; for images that are not out of focus or noisy. This is something that SG906 Pro and many other products in the same segment have yet to do.  The camera guard, the heart of every drone, is renewed to better protect this important part. Gives you more peace of mind when protecting your drone and taking it with you wherever you go. The ability to take pictures with gestures is also one of the highlights of this upgrade with a new control distance of 5m; your photos will have a more spectacular background.


The ZLRC Beast SG906 PRO 2 remote control plane’s intelligent shooting modes such as Zoom in for 50x zoom, Follow me mode, Waypoint mode remains the same, giving you more options to create specific features for my video. We can buy it from TOMTOP at $159.99 and Delivered-by Duty-Free Shipping.


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