ZOHD Talon GT Rebel V-Tail Review: A Long Range Flying FPV Wing RC Airplane (coupon deal)


One thing that learners should know is that they need a plane which is anything but difficult to control. The greater part of the plane accompanies numerous inconveniences which turn out to be difficult to get it. This  ZOHD Talon GT Rebel RC Plane incorporates all that you have to get it noticeable all around! With its smaller size, sturdy development, and delicate flight attributes, the Champ removes the worry from instructing yourself to fly.

ZOHD Talon GT Rebel RC plane Price: $179.99


This RC plane has a marginally unexpected structure in comparison to most different planes you may have seen in light of the fact that it has no rudder. Rather, it utilizes differential push to make turns. It’s not our favored method for directing in light of the fact that it makes the plane less lithe and hampers its aerobatic capacity, however it takes care of business. The advantage of this structure is that there are less moving parts which could break and that the more straightforward plan makes the entirely reasonable cost of the plane conceivable. The plane’s body outline is produced using EPP material, an extraordinary decision that makes the plane light and sturdy. With new indispensable body-outlines structure, simple to collect, no paste required.


ZOHD Talon GT Rebel RC Plane  has Separable Wing and Tail Separable wing and tail make it convenient for a simple transport and convey. The Keeping the Tradition with Natural V tail format, simple to set up. It has New ZOHD’s selective BEPP material isn’t just crash obstruction, however significantly progressively essential: 100% biodegradable. Future ages will thank you for that. The Superior Parts Light-weight composite tough guy for better assurance of your costly camera gear.

It has the Multi-camera nose perfect with 99% of the FPV and HD cameras in the market: Runcam HD, 2, 3S, Swift, Eagle, Split, GoPro H4-5-6-7, Session and substantially more! Switched wingtips give more lift constrain and guarantee an overly productive wing surface. The Cautiously designed wing wall. It also comes with Strengthened pushrods for better generally speaking execution and security Effect safe security spread for principle wings driving edge and gut will ward off your plane from mileage. PC planned improved wind current case augments cooling, diminishing the danger of accidents for overheated gadgets. No more DIY froth cutting! Worked in carbon fiber square pole fortification up and down the fuselage. Elite VTX/RX inlets with fantastic wind current and far from obstructions. The U-represent solace and comfort while setting up the plane. Perfect to level any sort of flight controller in the seat.

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The client needs to screw the wing tips and connect the wing with the gave thumb screws and fiber tube than fit his very own R/C beneficiary just as the battery. you can easily buy ZOHD Talon GT Rebel RC Plane  from Geekbuying with $179.99. use the  coupon code: AQZUJOPD

ZOHD Talon GT Rebel RC plane Price: $179.99


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