ZOJI Free X vs Sony WF-SP700N TWS Headphones Review – What is Difference Between


Homtom Zoji is a company known for the production of rugged smartphones, a low-budget smartphone with great features, Recently released the Zoji Free X Earbuds which has been causing lots of roars in the market today. The Zoji Free X Earphones comes with lots of amazing features that would make it stand out in the market. ZOJI FreeX wireless earphones deliver a crystal-clear listening experience for both phone calls and music & Advanced wireless connectivity to ensure the performance of true Wireless headphones. Also the aptX audio codec streams high-performance sound that’s rich, clear & perfectly defined without distortion. Let’s check out a quick comparison review of Zoji Free X Earbuds vs Sony WF-SP700N here.


Zoji Free X Earbuds are designed so that each module adheres well and holds perfectly in your ear. This prevents them from getting lost and damaged even while running and also improves the comfort of use. You can also use Zoji Free X Earbuds as a Bluetooth headset. With a built-in microphone and the ability to use one transducer, they are great in this role, allowing you to conveniently conduct conversations. The Zoji Free X Earbuds have the unique design, The microphone hangs down so that you can get the best possible reception for phone conversations and gaming events.

The Sony WF-SP700N are wireless in-ear headphones designed to deliver customizable audio performance, extended listening time, and lifestyle convenience for athletes, music lovers, and audio aficionados exercising, traveling, or studying inside or outdoors. Their 6.1mm dynamic drivers utilize neodymium magnets and produce a wide frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz, while a selectable bass boost function provides enhanced low-frequency reproduction. Bluetooth version 4.1 and NFC technology grant simple and effective wireless integration with your mobile device.


Zoji Free X Earbuds are extremely comfortable Bluetooth headphones that are designed for mobile gamers. They feature aptX Hi-Fi sound, a 24-hour battery life. The headphones are powered by the Qualcomm smart audio chip which makes it a great companion for mobile gamers. The battery life is broken down into 4 hours of playtime and 3 extra chargers from the charging case. The Zoji Free X Earbuds headphones feature Bluetooth 5.0 and touch controls. Thanks to Bluetooth 5.0, Zoji Free X Earbuds with lag-free connections and greater range pair single ear or both faster, making it easy to listen without interruption. Zoji Free X Earbuds make the listening more flexible, especially allowing you to hear the surrounding for your safety.

Sony WF-SP700N are wireless in-ear headphones built-in rechargeable battery affords up to three hours of listening time via a full charge or up to nine hours of playback via the supplied charging case. Activate the digital noise cancellation to keep your listening experience isolated from external noise or use the Ambient Sound Mode to stay aurally connected to the outside world. Thanks to the integrated microphone and left and right buttons, you can take calls without accessing your smartphone. The IPX4 waterproof-rated design provides safe and stable operation even under heavy perspiration. The WF-SP700N headphones include arc supporters, multiple ear tips, and a micro-USB charging cable.


The Zoji Free X Earbuds and Sony WF-SP700N are very similar headphones. They have the same style and perform quite similarly. However, the Zoji Free X Earbuds are significantly more comfortable and have a slightly longer battery life. According to several aspects comparison between Zoji Free X Earbuds vs Sony WF-SP700N, So according to what exactly you might be looking, you can find, in Design, and Features. You can buy Zoji Free X Earbuds from Amazon at $89.99. For More Information, you can visit on Official Zoji Free X Earbuds Page.


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