ZONESTAR Z8XM2 Multi-material Printing DIY 3D Printer Kit Design, Features Review (Coupon Inside)


The ZONESTAR Z8XM2 Multi-material Printing DIY 3D Printer Kit is a high performance, dual extruder, dual color printing machine. This is a new addition to the Zonestar line of quality printers and worth taking a closer look at. Ideally suited for product structure design, toy modeling, architectural design, parts manufacturing, fashion jewelry design, daily builds, and education.


The ZONESTAR Z8XM2 Full Metal Frame Mixed Color Printing DIY 3D Printer Kit provides a very stable printing platform. It has a large build printing size of 30 x 30 x 40cm, meets your demands. Includes a heated bed. The Dual Extruders allows Multicolor printing function by setting the extruding ratio of the extruders. Fast printing speed gives you results faster than many other printers. All of the structural parts are made of metal, it is strong and durable, and accuracy is better after a long period of use. This is equipped with a classic 128 x 64 dots LCD screen, it can display more information at the same time. High-quality wheels and aluminum rails make less noisy.


The Z-axis drive mechanism is made of metal, it is stronger and cause the higher printing precision. The ZONESTAR Z8XM2 printer has an all-metal frame that provides a very stable printing platform which provides a higher quality print. The business end of the printer (known as the extruder hot end) supports dual color prints and an innovative design that eliminates the oozing issue most other printers face. Upgraded all-in-one mainboard controller consists of the most desirable electronic components. Instead of a cold print bed (which is hard to work with and needs help to get the first layer of a filament to stick to the surface of the bed) is not a problem with this printer. The ZONESTAR Z8XM2 printer Supports many 1.75mm materials: PLA, ABS, PETG, Wood, PVA, etc.


ZONESTAR Z8XM2 Multi-material Printing DIY 3D Printer Kit which is extraordinary with features and also extremely good at the price of $339.99 With using this Coupon Code: Z8XM2


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