Zte AX3000 Survey Version Router Appearance first Exposed


Zte has scheduled a new product launch event on May 9, when the new flagship zte Axon40 series will be officially unveiled. The new phone will feature third-generation under-screen camera technology and is billed as “the ultimate straight-board flagship”.

Today, ZTE mobile phone official account announced that ZTE AX3000 sky Survey version router will also be released on the same platform, and announced the appearance of the new product official picture.

According to the preheating image, ZTE AX3000 Sky Survey Edition router adopts a white appearance and simple design. It is equipped with five external antennas and supports Wi-Fi 6.

According to the introduction, the router will use self-developed dual-core main chip, faster and more stable. Specific specifications are not available for the moment.

Currently, ZTE sells Wi-Fi 6 routes including AX3000 Pro (399 yuan), AX5400 Pro (599 yuan), AX5400 (499 yuan), AND AX1800 (329 yuan).

AX3000 Pro has a peak speed of 3000Mbps, adopts 7dBi high-gain antenna, and supports dual-WAN port zLink Boost dual-channel overlay technology, which can carry out 1+1 dual-channel overlay for the residential broadband of China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom and Radio and Television to improve the residential speed.

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It is expected that ZTE AX3000 sky survey version road and AX3000 Pro positioning is close, the main price of about 400 yuan.


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