ZTE Axon 40 Series Equipped With Independent Security Chip


ZTE Mobile officially released a notice, announcing the features and advantages of the upcoming ZTE Axon 40 series mobile phones in terms of information security.

According to the introduction, the Axon series mobile phones will be equipped with an independent security chip, which can provide users with hardware-level security protection to ensure that information security is not violated.

The flagship under the strongest screen! ZTE Axon 40 series equipped with independent security chip: bringing hardware-level protection

Although ZTE has not provided specific functional information about this security chip, judging from the news given by Ni Fei, president of ZTE’s terminal business unit, they have high hopes for this chip and believe that users will not be disappointed.

In addition to being equipped with a security chip, the Axon 40 Ultra also brings good performance in terms of screen and photography.

In terms of screen, the Axon 40 Ultra uses the under-screen camera technology to achieve a full screen without openings. From the photos, the front camera is completely invisible against a white background, and it is very well hidden.

In terms of photography, the Axon 40 Ultra is equipped with three 64-megapixel lenses, all of which can support 8K ultra-high-definition video shooting.

In addition, the Axon 40 Ultra will be powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor, which will be the most powerful ZTE phone to date.

More information about the ZTE Axon40 series will be announced at the press conference on May 9 , so stay tuned.

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