ZUK Z3 MAX Smartphone with Snapdragon 836 Processor First Unveils


Previously, there was news about Lenovo ZUK brand, which will be closed by Lenovo, many ZUK users and netizens focusing on smartphones feel very pitiful. But Lenovo CEO, Yang Yuanqing has made explanation about it to claim that Lenovo will insist two brands in China in an interview, so we can still see new ZUK products, and it will be released soon.

Recently, a netizen on Wibo has leaked ZUK Z3 MAX. According to latest news, ZUK Z3 MAX will use Snapdragon 836 Octa core processor, it is the first time to see Snapdragon 836 smartphone, adopting RAM 8GB ROM 256GB internal storage,

But in terms of ZUK practice, it is not impossible to release a competitive smartphone for ZUK, in addition, ZUK Z3 series will have many versions, ZUK Z3 6GB 128GB version will sell at 1,999 yuan, $333. So right now will you wait for ZUK Z3 MAX or grab Oneplus 5 ?


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