20m/66ft 200 LEDs Outdoor Copper String Wire Lights Flash Sale @Cafago


Halloween just past and November has arrived, this mean thanksgiving is around the corner (23rd Nov) and christmas decorations needs to be set. For this matter people is arranging all stuff to transform their homes into a warm, joyful and festive ambiance. Cafago gives a great alternative for led lights and is offering a String of Copper Wire With 200 LEDs at flash sale.


This copper string has a total of 200 LEDs scattered on a 66ft/20 meters wire, emitting a warm white light (2800K), which can create warm, joyful and festive ambience to delight the christmas, holidays and weddings.
Use the IR remote control provided to create vibrant and dynamic effect, comes with 10-level brightness and 3 lighting modes: Smooth/strobe/flash.
Can be used in outdoors safely thanks that the copper wire is insulated, this help keeps the lights at a low temperature, so you can use it in snow and rainy weather. In case of humidity became a problem you don’t need to worry, the updated remote controller is short-circuit protection and the power adapter is UL and FCC guaranteed.
By the way, this flexible copper allows you shape the light as you like and if one bulb breaks, the other bulbs can still work.

How they works?
If you want to know how this tech works check the next video:

Content of the box
Inside the tubular package you will find 20 meters of LED copper wire, a powe adaptor (5V 3A output), IR controller box and the IR remote control.


This String of Copper Wire With 200 LEDs is a great addition for your home decoration; cheap, easy to use, low voltage consumption, secure and with great performance. Add this item to your deco set for $12.99 USD, this price is exclusive from Cafago.


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