3 Best Antivirus for Android to Stay Protected While Gaming


Using a leading antivirus for gaming is essential in ensuring continual, nonstop fun. Antiviruses with a Game Mode result in an engaging gaming experience whereby notifications and updates take a breather. Prominent antiviruses for gaming combine outstanding security from hackers and malware and permits the gamer to be wholly absorbed without any unnecessary intrusions disturbing.

Several antiviruses fulfill the aforementioned desirable attributes. Three of the leading ones are:

BullGuard Mobile Protection Antivirus

BullGuard is a renowned trailblazer of the Game Mode paradigm. It is famous for being the first antivirus to introduce the inaugural mode aimed explicitly at gaming called the Game Booster. It works by automatically determining when gameplay has just commenced and proceeds to enhance your experience. BullGuard seeks to provide the most worthwhile expertise without impediments from malware. The simplistic user interface is appealing and makes it suitable for beginners to the antivirus software. BullGuard recorded a 98.9% threat identification rate during its AV-Comparatives test, a satisfactory result though not perfect.

Advantages of BullGuard for Gaming

  • It is automatically able to perceive when gaming is underway
  • Thwarts pop-up pages from showing up and deactivates the PCs firewall
  • Barely to no obstacles to gaming activity
  • Highly perceptive application

Disadvantages of BullGuard for Gaming

  • A little decline in performance can potentially be experienced in mid-range computers
  • Mediocre outcomes from independent laboratory trials


Bitdefender is ideal for working in several modes. All scans after the first one occur very fast. It has an almost faultless threat identification rate and affects the device’s system negligibly. Bitdefender stands as one of the most reputable players in the antivirus industry. The basic Bitdefender package offers absolute security against malware and unauthorized intrusions. It also offers some pleasant additional provisions such as a password management tool and secure banking experience. These features are desirable specifics for gamers.

Advantages of Bitdefender

  • It has three possible modes, and these are the Game Mode, Work Mode, and the Movie Mode
  • The effect of Bitdefender on the device is very low
  • The Game Mode in Bitdefender inhibits pop-up pages, notifications, warnings among others
  • It returns to normal functioning upon completion of the gaming

Disadvantages of Bitdefender

  • The first scanning procedure takes a long time to finish
  • It is quite pricey

Avast for Mobile Security

Avast is one of the best antivirus for gaming in the market. It has a huge fan base in the gamers’ world due to its free package consisting of exceptional levels of malware and threat identification rates. The paid and free Avast plans both operate on identical engines. Therefore, either of them offers high levels of security for your device. Notably, the paid packages also offer further pecks such as the sandbox feature, protection against unauthorized webcam snooping, and a file shredder.

Avast’s Game Mode runs seamlessly with your gaming activities. It completely cuts down on disruptions for the duration of your game. Avast, restraints notifications and updates until you finish playing. This antivirus software can tell when a game starts and immediately enters into Game Mode automatically. You can utilize the manual launch procedure, in cases where the automatic feature is not responsive.

Advantages of Avast

  • Avast’s Game Mode temporarily halts some attributes of the antivirus and provisionally stops updates to reduce resources demands
  • Can automatically suspend Android notifications and updates on your behalf
  • Impressive security capacity with only a small number of threat identification errors
  • An attractive set of additional features with paid packages

Disadvantages of Avast

  • The firewall is absent for the package offered at no cost
  • The Ultimate deluxe plan is relatively expensive

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