4 Gambling Trends that are Likely to Dominate 2021


As 2021 settles in, a lot of changes are expected in the online gambling industry. By 2024, the industry is projected to be worth over $94 billion.

With such a huge figure at stake, a lot of players will come in to scramble for a piece of cake in this lucrative industry.

Software developers will need to up their game, and come up with more captivating, and innovative games to remain relevant.

This will create a trend, and in this article, we will take a look at some of the new things that you can expect in the industry in 2021.

Increased Use of Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency and blockchain are words that are increasingly becoming popular, but maybe bitcoin is the most common name in this industry.

If you are new to these words, blockchain is simply a type of technology that integrates time-stamped records with numerous non-editable blocks, all of which are managed by several computers.

This is to say that this type of technology doesn’t have a central location. To ensure that the data is safely secured, blocks of data that use cryptography on the computer are used.

In the recent past, blockchain technology has attracted a lot of interest, and many online casinos have started embracing the idea, and especially in the payments section.

Since blockchain uses blockchain smart contracts, they are safer and faster to use than fiat currencies. Many online gamers prefer them since you are not required to provide any personal, or sensitive data when making a deposit.

More Live Dealer Games

Before technology changed the face of gambling, players had no option but to head to the traditional brick and mortar casinos.

However, with the advancement of technology, a lot has changed, and now, gamers can play from wherever they are via online casinos.

On the online platform, many things have come on board, among them table games which come with real human dealers.

With Live streaming, players get to enjoy the real Las Vegas experience without ever setting foot in the city!

More Use of Virtual Reality in Casinos

Virtual reality is another great technology that hugely favours online gamers.

Several online casinos have already embraced it, and it’s just a matter of time before it is available on every online gaming platforms.

VR technology creates a gaming environment that resembles reality. Many online casinos are banking on this technology to provide players with a more immersive experience.

Poker game is already available on this technology, and others are expected to follow suit. With VR, several players are able to share the same environment, and this brings a lot of fun.

Improved User Experience

With the availability of machine learning and artificial intelligence, computers will come in handy to perform duties that are similar to the human brain.

First, the computer is fed with all the necessary rules and information and this is what will guide it to the task it is to undertake.

The computer will then make use of this information to correct itself, which in return allows it to perform better in the upcoming tasks. This is a great plus to online gamers as it provides a better user experience.

Machine Learning may not require an addition to the information, but it uses the information that is already available to improve all upcoming tasks (check out this real-world study of Norwegian gamblers).

A good area where online casinos apply this technology is on making suggestions to the players, based on their previous picks.


Online casinos are rushing to provider players with the best and latest in the industry, and this is facilitated by the availability of improved technology.

With technology advancing at high speed, we can only imagine what the future holds for online casinos. With the new option available, gamers are in for a treat with a lot of exciting features expected to come on board. If you’re interested in casino industry, visit Deluxe Casino Bonus to get more regular updates!


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