4 Important Tips for Presenting on Your Tablet


Gone are the days when you needed to carry your laptop with you on every business trip to make a presentation. Thanks to technology, tablets are incredibly fast and have strong computational power these days, making it possible for them to make presentations. Add to that the lightweight and the fact that you don’t need a laptop bag to carry it on. If one can get their hands on one of the best tablets for presentations, they can transform their speeches and leverage their ideas with interactive video, and engaging media presentations.

One can internalize some tips while using a presentation tablet to make their point in a business meeting. Here are some of them:

1.     Use presentation software like PowerPoint:

If you wish to make a stellar presentation, it is necessary for you to get a PowerPoint for android tablet. When you install ppt on a tablet, you can access some simple templates free of cost to take your presentation to the next level here:https://masterbundles.com/simple-powerpoint-templates/. These templates can help bring forth your message in an engaging manner. They are easy to use and maneuver, making them your best go-to themes for 2021. Using the right themes, you can help bring your ideas to life and explain them better to your audience.

2.     Use a tablet stand:

You may wish to invest in a tablet stand such that you can present your ideas directly to your audience. Having it placed in a sturdy stand ensures that the tablet does not wobble, or you don’t have to keep carrying it in your hands. It can also be daunting to make a point while you have something in your hand which blocks you from making dramatic gestures. This way, the audience can focus solely on you and only redirect their attention to the tablet when you readjust the screen.

3.     Disable all notifications:

Before you step in for your meeting, it is best to disable all your notifications. Getting a Facebook notification in the middle of your presentation screams non-professional. Most tablets and iPads these days come with a ‘Do not disturb’ mode that can be turned on and off with a toggle switch. When it is turned on, all your notifications are instantly blocked. However, if you own an older model, you may have to go by every app and manually turn off the notifications.

4.     Use Google Slides:

Some readers may not be familiar with what is slides on android. Google Slides is an online presentation app that lets individuals create and format their slides and simultaneously work with other people. There are several themes, fonts, and videos that can be used for free. You can get some of the best google slides themes here: https://masterbundles.com/simple-google-slides-themes/. Using these templates, you can present your ideas to your audience in an engaging manner. It also lets several people collaborate on the same project, meaning your team members can edit your slides to make them better, and you can access the changes in real-time.

Pros and cons of using tablets

The pros of using tablets for making business presentations are as follows:

1.     Mobility:

Traveling with a tablet is easier than traveling with a laptop. It is lightweight and doesn’t require a laptop bag. It also requires less power and fewer cables for connection. The screen is large enough for the audience to keep up with. One can get their hands on premium MasterBundles with templates that can be easily downloaded to your tablet. Here collected some of the top templates used by business people and make their presentations look professional.

2.     Communication:

One can have one-on-one meetings with their counterparts from anywhere in the world. The conferencing solutions in tablets are one that most people rave about. While making presentations, one can quickly ask a team member to join in if an expert must clarify certain aspects of the presentation.

The cons of using tablets for making business presentations are as follows:

1.     Limited functionality:

As powerful as tablets are, some of the apps that are meant to be used in them are not as functional as those designed for computers. This can be a problem if one is working with limited functionality apps and need to change something on their presentation.

2.     Security:

One can be vulnerable to security by bringing in their own devices to meetings. Since they are hooked to the company’s software, one runs the risk of having their information stolen and hacked.

Using tablets for business presentations is an excellent idea and can convey a formal or casual tone to your audience, depending on your needs. However, a point to be noted is that it’s not the device but you that sells a product or idea.


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