4 Undeniable Benefits of Remote Working


Remote working is the conversation starter in the whole corporate world and there is no denying it.

You just toss around “remote working” as a catchphrase and that will surely tilt heads and you will get the conversation going.

Ever since the Novel Coronavirus has taken over the world in 2020 the corporate world has geared itself up to modulate working from home.

How did they do that?

By leveraging tools like Virtual office, software, application, and processes.

What is Virtual Office you may ask?

Virtual Office in itself isn’t some tangible thing, it’s more of a concept that comprises tools, software, and a rock-solid process that keeps the company running even though the team doesn’t meet at a physical office to huddle up.

Here are some benefits of remote working that you simply cannot turn a blind eye to

  1. Remote Employees make more money

Let’s be practical here for a moment, things like work culture matters, sharing a common vision to make lives better bring people together working for something everyone on the team is equally passionate about.

But, above everything else what matters more for employees is how much money they make, because they have bills to pay and ends to meet.

In the remote working setting, there are myriad ways that a remote worker makes more money or rather saves more money whichever way suits you fine.

Like for starters, a remote worker does not have to burn on expenses like commute which is a massive drain on monthly earnings.

Secondly and this one is especially huge. Remote Working has made companies realize that employees can totally work from home and this saves them money too.

As a result, a lot of companies are hiring employees remotely forever.

This opens a floodgate of opportunities for candidates in smaller cities to bag job opportunities from bigger cities that pay well and allows them to work on bigger projects thereby enhancing their skill even more.

This is totally a WIN-WIN for employees to make more money now. You may disregard expenses like traveling but if you maintain an expense book and tally the number for a year, you will be shocked to your core realizing how much commuting has drained your expenses.

And By the way, this also opens an opportunity for you to maybe invest that same money and earn some interest out of it. A lot of employees are unable to do so with their non-remote jobs because of their inability to save.

  1. Company becomes more accessible and ubiquitous

Remote working has some great benefits for the company too that has deployed a remote working framework.

Now that the company isn’t bound by some geographical territory so it is now that the company can go beyond its limits and do some amazing things.

For example, a company located in New Jersey can now hunt for talent without constraints like prospective talent’s ability to relocate, the company can as well go ahead and hire promising talents from all over the states from locations like New York, California, Florida, Sanford and more. As long as the talent is the right fit for the organization it will all seem to work out pretty well.

  1. Company can save more money now

Just like employees, a remote working framework puts the company in the position to save more money.

Now the company does not have to expend funds on things like office rent, traveling allowances, office stationery, WiFi, Office Maintenance, Office Cleaning, and more.

This is a massive saving that the organization manages in the presence of a remote working framework.

The company can invest the same money in business expansion, development, and Research & Development which will allow the company to grow even more. 

  1. Improved Work-Life Balance

Now, this is a controversial opinion but it’s my opinion anyway, I strongly feel that remote working can synchronize your work-life balance well.

There are people of the opinion that remote working has wrecked their work-life balance owing to reasons like now company can contact at any time to get the work done even if it’s late evening post working hours and also the fact that there are distractions when you are working from home.

I am not gonna dismiss these reasons outright. Both perspectives have their right to express themselves.

Personally, I feel that there is more to gain from this than to lose.

All the time that used to get lost in commute, I am in possession of that time now, I bought that extra time to add some healthy activities in my daily routine, activities like exercise and meditation.

The inclusion of these activities have made a profound impact on my life, I feel less stress now than I used to back when remote working was not an option.


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