5 Amazing Business Uses for Commercial Drones


No matter who thinks drones are dead, the use of commercial drones is more prevalent than ever.

There are many places drones can go that humans can’t, and that makes them extremely helpful. If you don’t understand the applications of drones, you might be missing out in your own business.

Continue reading this article to learn about the best drone uses for business.

  1. Inspection

Have you ever looked at those super tall towers and wondered who has to go up there to check on things? While a real live human used to have to trek to the top or a helicopter had to fly around to take a look, now drones can do the dirty work.

Some of the top rated drones aren’t that expensive, and using drones instead of people can potentially save a life.

  1. Real Estate

Aerial photos used to be a super expensive thing for real estate agents to put on their listings. Now hiring someone to shoot a little drone footage for a video or taking a photo isn’t that expensive.

Allowing people to see their potential new home from overhead makes all the difference.

Drone footage can be especially helpful when trying to give someone a total overview of a large property. Trying to show it by using pictures that break it up into sections isn’t going to be anywhere near as helpful.

  1. Golfing

Golf is a sport that is very competitive and can be rather difficult to learn. Being able to see how you perform with drone footage makes it easier for you to see how you can improve your game.

Not only can drones catch footage of you playing from above, but drones can also be helpful for creating marketing videos and allowing the audience to have a better view of what is taking place during a game.

  1. Security

Drones can make a big difference in security. While fixed security cameras will only be able to give you so many angles, you can use drones to move around and check things out as you see fit.

Drones can help not only catch criminals in the act but help by following them until the police find them.

  1. Search and Rescue

When you’re looking for someone that has gone missing, trying to cover difficult terrain might not be safe for you and the other searchers. When you have drones at your disposal, you’ll be able to find whoever is missing.

Private firms that work doing search and rescue can use these drones to set themselves apart from the competition.

Commercial Drones for the Win

Now that you know more about using commercial drones, you can start using them in your own business.

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