5 Reasons Why Your Home Needs a Robot Cleaner


Robot cleaners, also known as robovac, are the future. The advancement in technology is often unbelievable, and the fact that we are now able to use robots to carry out mundane activities like cleaning is really, quite genius. Using artificial intelligence, recent models are able to conduct deep leaning for advanced mapping, identifying objects and event-based cleaning.  Some models even include a mopping and sterlisation design alongside the vacuuming feature. If you’re still not sold as to why you should invest in one right away- here’s our 5 best reasons from we buy any home that will hopefully change your mind.

Reason 1: Time Saving:

Investing in a robot cleaner ensure no more endless hours will be wasted hoovering your home.  For many, the thought of hoovering is a task which we try to prolong- especially if our house is rather large. The answer to your hoovering problems: investing in a robot vacuum. The device has the ability to set a cleaning schedule at your disposal. Whether you desire it to vacuum each room daily, or just a set number of rooms perhaps twice a week- investing in a robot vacuum ensures that the hoovering will be done- without cutting corners to speed up the process! Check Carpet Cleaning here and deep carpet cleaning here.

Reason 2: Ease of Use:

In addition to setting up the vacuum to a set timer, the device can also be controlled with a smartphone app. Fitted with cameras and sensors; the robot can efficiently clean your home by scanning its surroundings. The app displays a map of your home and will even send you alerts if there is an issue with the robot or its vacuuming process. It’s also a great way to keep an eye on your pets due to the camera use! Robot vacuums are also perfect for cleaning those hard-to-reach places and can even come with a self-empty option. Their automated approach is also an alternative for those who struggle with disability or injury and find housework challenging.

Reason 3: Frequently Cite Low Noise:

In addition the lack of appeal hoovering has due to it being a lengthy process, perhaps worse is the noise. Hoovers tend to drown out all surrounding audio, and many people become irritated when you interrupt their television or quiet time. Thankfully, robot vacuums are low in noise- if not silent. This is a huge benefit as it means you can proceed with any activities or work without the distraction of hoover noise.

Reason 4: Potential Money Saving:

If you employ help in the house specifically for cleaning, investing in a robot vacuum may save you expenses in paying for third-party cleaners, especially if you enjoy having your carpets specially cleaned. Although robot vacuums are an expensive investment, the costs of them over time works out cheaper than outsourcing cleaners.

Reason 5: They’re an Excellent Maintenance Investment:

Most people would argue that despite their invention over 20 years ago, robot vacuum cleaners still cannot compete with a human when it comes to vacuuming. Perhaps this is because of the meticulous nature of humans and our views on perfectionism. However, robot vacuums are a great solution to maintaining cleanliness and keeping dust at bay until we’re ready to tackle the tricky areas ourselves.


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