5 Tips for Drone Photography Beginners


Are you new to the art and science of drone photography? Read this article to find out tips for making your pictures pop.

The drone market has exploded in popularity, and according to the Federal Aviation Administration, it will triple in size by 2023.

Drone photography has transformed what it means to capture stunning views of the landscape.

For example, there now exists the Drone Awards contest specifically for drone pictures. More recently, drones are reshaping the fields of sports events, minor films, security companies, and even real estate.

Read on to find out tips to help make your own drone pictures pop.

Getting Started with Drone Photography

Aerial drone photography is a great way to explore scenery from exciting new angles.

To get started, take the time to research drones that take pictures. A wide variety exists on the market, ranging from small toys to those used by professional photographers. While they all offer the same basic functions, the quality of their photographs will depend on how high-tech the camera is.

Drone photography requires a fair amount of time and money upfront to get started. If you’re needing aerial pictures for one-time use, another option is to seek a business that offers drone photography services.

If you’re looking into drone photography as a hobby and want to learn how to get the best pictures possible, then read on.

  1. Don’t Zoom in Ever

If you’ve ever used the zoom function on your digital camera or phone, you’ll know the resolution begins to suffer. And if your hand happened to move the slightest, then your photo probably turned out a blurred monstrosity.

Drones are no exception. The spinning propellers on the drone cause vibrations that can shake the camera. Using the zoom function amplifies this shake and results in a blurred image.

  1. Give a Sense of Scale

Lush landscapes are always in high demand. But it can be difficult to gauge if that tree is a bush or vice versa when there’s nothing to help give a size comparison. Try to incorporate a person into the shot to give a sense of scale to the overall photo.

  1. Paint with Colors

Aerial photos can become a muddled mess if too much of a singular color is in the frame. For example, a field of grass pictured above looks like a bland canvas of green without anything to break the monotony. Always be aware of what you’re working with and try to incorporate bold colors.

  1. Watch the Shadows

One of the most common problems that beginner aerial photographs suffer from is the image appearing flat and lifeless. It’s hard for an image to have depth when taken from above since it becomes two dimensional.

To avoid this issue, be aware of the sun’s alignment. Aim to take pictures when the sun is rising or setting as this gives harder shadows, which in turn adds depth to the scene.

  1. Symmetry Is Beautiful

There’s nothing quite as annoying as a picture that is off-center. When snapping images with your drone, try to be mindful of symmetry. Make sure the image has a clear focal point and is aligned near the center.

Express Your Creativity Through Drone Photography

Armed with the tips in this article, you can now take your first steps into drone photography with confidence.

Drones offer the ability to capture breathtaking aerial shots that didn’t used to be possible. Be sure to check out other articles on drones and how to get the maximum potential out of them.


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