6 Important Things You Need To Know About IP Infrared Thermal Imaging Technology


Security has always been a concern for businesses across the globe. This is why the ways to ensure the security of a building or company have seen major improvements throughout several decades.

The idea of having consistent surveillance of a building was revolutionary and grew in popularity as soon as it was introduced. For this reason, it managed to gain great advancements with improvement in camera quality and the capabilities of connecting and managing multiple cameras in a single system to monitor the entire company from a single control system.

Due to the increasing number of crimes, CCTV systems adopted a rather unknown yet essential technology, the thermal camera system. Thermal cameras are designed to detect heat sources and signatures. For this reason, many companies are installing thermal imaging technology to ensure they have the most advanced security technology.

What Is Infrared Thermal Imaging Technology?

The infrared thermal imaging technology involves the use of thermal imaging cameras that can detect heat in their surroundings. With the help of the infrared signals, the cameras are able to record the heat that is being radiated from different materials around them.

Although this is a specialized technique to record heat, it is intelligently engineered to work with standard image-capture technologies so that it can be used alongside a standard CCTV system. Although thermal cameras have other great applications like finding issues in several types of machinery, their application in the field of security is invaluable.

6 Important Things To Know When Setting Up An Infrared Thermal Camera System

When setting up an infrared CCTV thermal camera system for your company, it is essential to ensure that you are aware of the following important points.

     1.Capability Of Saving Images And Other Data In External Storage

Since the camera installation is done to monitor your surroundings and you won’t always be around to oversee it, the camera needs to have an option to save footage on external storage. This allows you the flexibility of viewing the footage and using it for other purposes later on.

     2.Efficient Render Resolution

For a CCTV camera, render resolution is very important. The greater the number of pixels a camera has, the higher resolution you can get. This comes in handy when you want to zoom in on something specific in a recording or live feed and still have a clear image. With higher render resolution, you can always get crisp images and video even when you’ve zoomed in.

    3.Hiding From a Thermal Camera is Impossible

Since a thermal camera catches heat, it works without depending on any light sources in its surroundings. This allows an infrared camera to record both day and night footage with an additive advantage of simultaneously recording thermal footage in pitch-black darkness. For this reason, it is impossible to hide from a thermal camera as it can pick any kind of heat that comes in its field of view and threats can be easily detected.

    4.Impossible To See Through a Wall

If you plan to have a magical camera that can see through walls, you will be deeply disappointed when you get a thermal camera. Although thermal imaging technology depends entirely on heat, it is difficult for a camera to record the heat of any object placed behind a wall due to the thickness of the wall. This results in the camera only recording the heat being generated from the wall.

     5.Manually Controllable Focus

When monitoring the surveillance footage, you need to have the ability to control manual focus if you want to pinpoint any points of interest. This will allow you to find weak spots in your surroundings and fix them before they can be exploited.

     6.They Are Unable To See Through Glass

Similar to looking through a wall, your thermal CCTV camera system is unable to look through the glass. If you plan to install a hidden CCTV camera behind your windows to record your surroundings, you won’t be able to record anything with a thermal camera. It will only manage to record a reflection of the camera.

With the increase in inflation rates across the world and the decreasing number of jobs, many people are forced to turn towards unfair means to earn their daily wages. This is the reason why they need advanced CCTV camera technology is at a new high. However, with the different types of CCTV cameras for businesses available in the market, it is nearly impossible to make a bad choice when setting up an advanced CCTV system for your business. This technology helps business owners to relax and focus on the business end of their company instead of worrying about security.

Benefits Of Thermal Cameras

Although thermal cameras have shown great benefits in CCTV systems, various other minuscule benefits can help you solve other issues with ease.

  • Easy Home Inspections

For businesses that perform home inspections, they can utilize thermal cameras to identify any electrical or gas-related faults without taking apart the already installed systems.

  • Ensure Outdoor Security

If you have installed a thermal CCTV camera, you can ensure that your building doesn’t have any unwanted guests around it when it’s dark.

  • Increased Responsiveness Ensures Efficient Usage of Time and Money

Due to the increased speed of response of modern thermal cameras, you can instantly notice any irregularities within the area of a thermal camera and identify them with ease.

With the variety of benefits of using a thermal imaging system, it is safe to say that its good reputation in the world of security is entirely based on merit and efficiency. The amount of control that a thermal camera system provides you with when managing your company’s security is unmatched. The installed CCTV cameras might look like basic recording cameras that won’t be able to catch anything in the dark, but the infrared technology in thermal cameras will allow them to catch the heat irrespective of the presence of light and can signal any unwanted movements or activity around your building. This is a great advantage for businesses that are unable to employ additional security guards to physically patrol and oversee the area.


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