7 benefits of electronic invoice technology application


Electronic bills start a race against time in various parts of the world. Thousands of companies have carried out a marathon consultation, advice and preparation path to adapt to this new technology trend.

In essence, electronic invoices are documents that support transactions for the purchase of goods or services produced by the use of any technology to facilitate the interaction of buyers and sellers through the Internet. Its use can generate countless benefits for companies and buyers in terms of cost and effectiveness.

For this reason, we have identified some of the advantages brought by this advanced billing model:

Cost reduction

With electronic invoices, the costs of printing, shipping, and distributing traditional invoices are eliminated, in addition to minimizing the time spent in publishing and shipping. Electronic bills do not include additional costs, because the process can be done on a public access platform. In general, expenses can be reduced by up to 60%, thus providing free solutions for small businesses.

Reduce paper usage

Contributing to the environment is another contribution to electronic billing. Its use will help the strategy of reducing costs and saving paper companies. In addition, the use of an electronic billing system such as Billdu Invoice App can improve the competitiveness of companies through their commitment to environmental preservation in our country.

This facilitates storage

The use of this technology eliminates the need to use physical space to store invoices generated by the company, and ensure its availability anytime and anywhere via the internet or digital backup system. This fact makes it important for companies to progress in their document management automation, which will help in organization, easier and more effective search and file maintenance.

Simplification of transactions

Paying for products and services will not be as easy and fast as when electronic billing becomes massive. Within seconds, buyers will have access to their purchase information and, if they submit a complaint or suggestion, they can open an electronic collaboration channel with the company that will help improve the shopping experience.

Increased traceability

There will be no more invoices lost by applying electronic bills. Receipts will be stored on the server as an e-mail or company page, which guarantees access, traceability and management whenever and wherever needed.

More security

Without a doubt, data security will be one of the main benefits of electronic billing adoption. Mechanisms such as electronic signatures, monitoring and international protocols for protecting user information will protect user data and provide invoice reliability. In addition, notifications can be activated by sending and receiving e-mails, which will further protect purchase information.

Optimization of fiscal controls

The application of electronic invoices also has a positive impact on the national economy. Its use will help reduce tax avoidance. A constant review of transactions can increase tax collection, by avoiding payments without invoices or adequate records of purchases and sales in the country.

In this line, electronic bills will support the economic development of companies that adopt them. However, the basic thing is accessing technical services with support and travel, which enables companies to enter this trend successfully and produce the expected benefits.


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