7 Digital Marketing Trends to Check Out in 2021


What new strategies do we expect in digital marketing in 2021? Digital marketing has become the best strategy that most businesses are using to lure customers in buying their products and services. For over the decade, this has been the best marketing strategy. This is because of the increased use of internet due to many people having access to internet-enabled mobile phones.

That being the case as personal marketing your enterprise, you need to be up to date with current trends. That’s why we are going to inform you about 2021’s new digital marketing trends. When it comes to publicizing your business, you can look to hire Brisbane AdWords management for digital marketing management.

So, below are seven of the best digital marketing trends to use in 2021.

User-Generated Content (UGC)

The term user-generated content means content that has been produced and published by fans of a brand. The most common content fans use to advertise their brands are images, blogs, testimonials, and videos.

This digital marketing trend helps brands to gain more by using less in adverts. Let’s take the example of Coca Cola. During the share a coke campaign they didn’t spend much as their consumers used to share pictures of them drinking Coca Cola.

When the customers posted the pictures on different social media platforms, they were advertising for the company. Millions of people participated in the campaign, which increased Coca Cola’s brand awareness globally.

Therefore, in 2021 using this strategy will be useful after everyone especially suffered due to the pandemic in 2020.

The benefit of UGC is that it helps more people to trust your product after a high number of people endorse it on different platforms. Additionally, companies get to engage with their customers.

Influencer Content

How many influencers do you follow on social media platforms or you know? I guess many of them. Many of the influencers are mostly celebrities like athletes, musicians, and actors.

You might be a staunch follower of a particular celebrity, and when they endorse a brand, you will likely purchase.

Due to Covid-19 influencers don’t advertise products physically but make use of their social media platforms. The online live viewing spiked by 50% on Facebook and other social media platforms during the lockdown periods.

Due to the mass following of celebrities and familiar brands, the influencer content has gained a lot of following, and if you make use of this channel you are sure to reach a broader market to promote your brand.

For instance, you can invite some celebrities to do makeup tutorials for your makeup products. If the stars share the tutorials with their audience and tag you along, you are sure to have reached a broader market digitally.

Inclusivity Content

Inclusivity gained trend in 2020 and expected to top throughout 2021. For example, the Black Lives Matter movement lingers within various elements of society.

Studies show that there is a cultural shift towards inclusivity that is impacting purchase behavior. Many shoppers tend to shift from retailers who don’t offer enough diversity that also includes them.

Therefore, as a retailer who needs to market his/her brand, you need to create inclusivity content in 2021. Showcase your target audience’s diversity of involvement openly, and you will reap from the deeper connections with your buyers.

Customer Journey Mapping

Understanding the customer mapping journey will assist you in making a difference in your marketing trends.

The customer journey is all the touchpoints a customer interacts with when going through a particular brand. The customer journey starts when the customer is made aware of a specific brand, develops interest, and then does more profound research than purchases.

Understanding the customer journey improves the conversion rate and maximizes every marketing dollar you spend, which in turn allows your product to create positive impressions on your audience. See also Growthoid.com for more resources .

Various marketers utilize various techniques to understand the customer journey, including persona development, A/B testing, and even surveys. You can still opt to do it manually, but it can be tedious and time-consuming.

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are essential automation tools that help in mapping potential customers online. These machines allow you to map out the journey and understand the intent and customer pain points.

Customer Journey Mapping is essential in 2021 as it allows you to understand the content you can create to attract specific consumers.

Personalized Content

Personalized content is another digital marketing trend that has been used in a while and expected to continue being the best in 2021.

Due to the emergency of data analysis machines and AI technologies, creating personalized content has been made easy and fast.

A personalized content involves delivering content that directly addresses individual customers.

An audience or customer feels more involved and included personally. A personalized content addresses your audience with personal information like their real names, what they are familiar with, a message that brings them closer to your products.

Personalized content creates more engagement with your audience, increases loyalty, and less frustration. Research indicates that 80% are attracted to buy brands that offer a personalized experience.

Using data analytics, machine learning, and AI machines enable personalization content and hyper-personalization at scale. These technologies help you tailor everything from your content to channels, creative and campaign timings.

Mobile Marketing

There is a mass following, and increased use of mobile gadgets and internet use. Due to this increased use of mobile devices, you are expected to reap from mobile marketing positively.

If you intend to use mobile marketing, you need to optimize your channels to make it mobile responsive and increase navigation, considering load time and site search.

The COVID 19 pandemic has compelled many people to lean to the mobile users they saw a sharp rise in mobile use and app commerce. To stay ahead in this digital marketing trend, you need to stay ahead of everyone by having your sites readily available and create a reliable app acquisition, commitment, and retention technology.

To identify high-value app users, you can use the AI tools to base your search based on customer interests and behavior.

With the AI search insights, you can easily understand relevant push notifications, timely push notifications, and remarketing campaigns. The AI machines can also let you know your audience keywords to use to boost acquisition and conversion.

The convenience of mobile marketing is an enticing one as it offers convenience to customers at their home’s comfort. Since many people spend a lot of time on mobile gadgets, this is the best channel to base your products.


Some of list digital marketing trends have been in existence for a while. some of them are new ones like scaling partners. Scaling Partners helps you bridge the knowledge, process, and funding gaps in your business. Connected services. Hands-on solutions. Real experience. All with one common goal: to see you scale successfully and internationally. We expect them to gain more traffic in 2021. This is due to the unpredictability of 2020. This led to many people finding new ways of interacting and connecting to their customers. The discoveries of the new trends are expected to continue operating even with the ease of the pandemic regulations.

What we advise you is to choose your digital marketing trend and perfect it. Don’t try to use all of them as they may not work. Suppose it becomes an issue find experts online to help you with growing your business customer base.

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