7 Unusual Topics for Random Chat That You Would Never Think Of


It can be very difficult to find a good topic for a conversation with a stranger. After all, you don’t know what they are fond of, what interests they have, whether they are even curious about what you are talking about. Do not worry, it is not only you who feels this way. Millions of people do not know how to start a conversation and in what direction to lead it. After all, no one wants to be silly during a conversation with strangers, and experiments are not always the best option. As a result, a sense of embarrassment haunts you throughout the conversation.

If you constantly have the difficulty of choosing a topic for communication, we have good news for you. We have prepared a short list which will certainly help you in this matter. Let’s get started!

Topics to talk about in random chat: examples of perfect topics

We must warn you that the list below is suitable not only for video chat with strangers. You can also use these topics for any communication format – from social networks and dating websites to tete-a-tete conversations. The main thing is not to worry and work on self-confidence. If that doesn’t work out, train in front of the mirror.

Imagine a classic situation: you start a conversation and get to know each other quickly. But then comes the moment to communicate in a more specific direction, so that it does not stop ahead of time. We offer you the following 7 options:

  1. Funny and even strange habits

People say little about their habits. We are not talking about smoking or something like that, we mean fun behaviors that each of us has. Someone draws funny faces in a notebook during a telephone conversation, the other beats the rhythm with knuckles in the course of complex mental work, some “roll” from toe to heel while waiting for something.

There are a lot of similar examples. Perhaps you noticed something similar about yourself. So this is a rather interesting topic for discussion. These harmless habits are a very easy topic that does not cause rejection. Furthermore, these conversations humanize the interlocutor and break the ice much better than silly conversations about the weather.

  1. Money

This topic is a trick. Of course, you don’t need to immediately say how much money you earn, what kind of car you drive and what warm country you will go to spend the winter next year. At first, it’s better not to talk about this topic at all. But asking the interlocutor what they would spend, for example, a million dollars for, is quite possible. This provides a good basis for communication. More importantly, this topic reveals a huge potential for further communication. During the conversation, you will find out what a person dreams of, what they lack for happiness, and what they are not interested in at all.

  1. Childhood memories

Random video chat is a great place to discuss your childhood adventures with someone and have a good laugh. Surely you will have a lot of funny stories, like your chat body. The theme of childhood contributes to a very relaxed, easy and at the same time fascinating conversation. In addition, it helps to better understand a person at their current age. While recollecting childhood memories, it will not be difficult to move on to other topics or change it in a completely unexpected direction.

  1. Work (with a note)

Of course, few people like to talk about work. Although they constantly do it, which is strange. Nevertheless, in some situations, this may well be an excellent direction for communication. For example, if you or your interlocutor have a really interesting profession. Who would not want to talk with a passenger airplane pilot or a rescue hero? Of course, not all professions are so interesting, but there are enough extraordinary situations everywhere. All this can also be discussed. But in no case should you lie about your profession if you are aimed at a serious relationship with your date. It is not a good idea to start with a lie. If you do not want to say where and in what capacity you work, it is better to just avoid this topic. But do not invent too much.

  1. Desert island

An unexpected approach, right? Try chatting with strangers about what three things they would bring with them. And at the same time think about what you would have taken. It is possible that your opponent and you would take completely different items.

This is a fairly short discussion topic, but it opens up many subtopics at once. After all, in just a couple of minutes you can find out what your interlocutor truly appreciates, what they are fond of and cannot live without. It is much easier to continue the conversation after such a discussion.

  1. Perfect era for life

Perhaps you did not think about it. But think about what era you would like to experience? Knightly Middle Ages? Times of the development of the Wild West in America? Or maybe you even want to get into a primitive society to see how humanity was born? This can turn into a rather interesting and unusual video chat conversation with random users. You will probably be surprised when you find out that your desires and those of your interlocutor may differ radically.

  1. Hidden messages in the movie

Silly talks about films are not particularly interesting. Yes, you can take a couple of minutes to find out who and what you like. But it gets boring too quickly. Talking about hidden meanings, Easter eggs, referrals and even strange messages to the movies is much more interesting. Especially when it comes to some outstanding and significant films that you and your interlocutor both watched. By the way, this approach can be used in relation to books, computer games, etc.

Do not be afraid to experiment in chat with strangers. There are people like you. They will be happy to discuss an interesting and non-standard topic with you. And who knows, perhaps the strangest and most unexpected conversation will be the beginning of a strong friendship or ideal romantic relationship. After all, random video chat is freedom. And only you decide how to dispose of this freedom. We have given you some ideas. And, of course, you can safely improvise with virtually no limits.

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